•  If you possess a valid Medical Marijuana Identification Card (“MMIC”) issued by a county at the time of your purchase, then you are exempt from paying Sales and Use Tax. read more
  • Patients with a recommendation can save 5% on City of Los Angeles Cannabis Tax.
  • 18 or older can legally purchase medical marijuana with a cannabis recommendation
  •  MMJ patients with a recommendation can purchase and carry as much cannabis medication as required for their treatment

Our Locations

Serving patients from Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Antelope Valley!

Los Angeles, CA

1133 S. Vermont Ave. #16
Los Angeles, CA, 90006

Phone:  (213) 384-9333
Fax:  (213) 384-9334

Office hours:
Mon. – Sat.: 11am – 7pm
Sun.: 11am – 6pm

North Hills, CA

8925 Sepulveda Blvd. #207
North Hills, CA 91343

Phone:  (818) 891-0180
Fax:  (818) 830-7586

Office hours:
Mon. – Sat.: 11am – 7pm
Sun.: 11am – 6pm

About Us & What We Do

420 Evaluations specializes in providing Medical Marijuana recommendations, treatment plans, patient verifications, plastic ID cards,
medical cannabis cultivation license
and full medical support for all patients of California and other states in a safe and confidential environment.


420 Evaluations offers a Wallet Size ID Card, which has a picture and information that will verify online your patient status in addition to a regular medical cannabis recommendation in California.
Also, we give medical cannabis cultivation license


Our qualified, courteous, and attentive staff provides online cannabis recommendations for the legal use of Medical Cannabis to patients suffering from serious medical conditions that are recognized throughout California. We provide Collectives and Law Enforcement with a reliable verification system that is HIPAA compliant, protecting the privacy of all patients.


420 Evaluations offers extremely competitive prices: $30 for any doctor’s renewals and $40 for new patients which visit our appointments in California, $59 for marijuana card online
You can download marijuana coupons right here: COUPONS

Latest News

You have options

There are many ways to use medical marijuana to fit each and every patient. It may not only be vaporized and inhaled with or without smoking, but also eaten in many different ways, applied topically, etc.

There are many ways to use medical marijuana to fit each and every patient. Medical cannabis may not only be vaporized and inhaled with or without smoking, but also eaten in many different ways, applied topically, etc.

Safe and confidential location in LA, California

Medical marijuana evaluations by physician

Caring and understanding medical staff

High quality plastic ID cards

24 hour online verification

Appointments or walk-ins welcome in LA, California


Our information fee is an annual fee. Meaning that if, for whatever reason, you need to follow-up with the doctor, this follow-up is free of charge. We offer a discount for patients who renewed a medical cannabis card or medical cannabis cultivation license at their annual renewal date. We have heard an information that some doctors in California set cannabis recommendations for a short time then close down shop or require additional money. Our doctors want your records and experience information to be complete and give you a medical card or a medical cannabis license. This is why we have this policy.

Amotivational Syndrome
Disorder of appetite
Back Pain

Endocannabinoid Deficiency
Heart Disease






Chronic pain



Muscle spasms

  • Dr fax Tokyo med AC jp  420 evaluations was easy to use and easy to locate. The doctor that helped me out was very kind and showed concern about my medical issues. She made me feel assured. The price was not too bad and it was fair compared to most prices you find out there. I would definitely recommended to anyone looking to get a medical card.

    420 evaluations Caroline S.

    Weed doctor la  I have been going to 420 Evaluations for a few years. Its always, quick simple and easy to get my recommendation renewed. They are pleasant and their prices are great too.

    Dr fax Tokyo med AC jp Craig N.

    Weed card torrance  Great service. Took me a total of 40 mins to complete and everything including the environment was chill af.

    Weed doctor la Alex V.

    420 evaluations  Good service fast relaiable no problems I've been going there for 4 years hey I recommend everyone is very nice the Doc there very efficient the price can't complainer you wont regret

    Weed card torrance Lulu C.
  • 420 evaluations  I've been going here for three years.
    Fast and reliable service appointments available.
    Always friendly. Respectful

    420 evaluations Arnie R.

    Happy new year 2017  Great place, would recommend to anyone! They are fast, and professional. I was in and out within 30 minutes. Very convienet.

    420 evaluations Carolina P.

    Weed doctor la  I've been to this place and the quality of service is amazing.  Their employees are very knowledgeable and where very nice.  I like this place so much that I actually brought a friend over and he felt the same way as well about this place.  They have a wide selection of products whatever you are looking for they definitely have it will definitely keep going.  Definitely a repeat customer

    Medical marijuana evaluations Mark H.

    420 evaluations  Love you guys.fast service Nice Doctors

    Weed doctor la LaToya J.
  • 420 evaluations  This service was easy to use, and I was able to get in and out quickly without an appointment. The only problem is that their services are not as advertised. Your card does not come with the evaluation. It costs an extra $20. Also, they only take cash.

    420 evaluations Lauren L.

    420 evaluation  Always have great sevice, lines are not long, and great staffs/doctors

    420 evaluations Kevin V.

    Medical marijuana evaluations  Amazing business, great knowledgeable staff. Great service. Will be coming back forsure!

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    Weed card torrance  Superb service with one quick easy phone call. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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  • 420 evaluations  BEST DISPENSARY EVER!!! Service was awesome and they actually knew what medications to suggest

    Weed card torrance Rogers C.

    420 evaluations  This is the easiest clinic to attend in order to get a medical card and avoid paying the new recreational tax coming in 2018. I never leave home without it. Who wants to pay an extra $15-20 for the same thing, when you can simply renew your medical recommendation for $35 a year!!

    420 evaluations Jose B.

    420 evaluations online  You need the actual prescription on first dispensary visits but just the card is enough for future visits. I got both and the card is more durable than the paper prescription in the long run.

    Place has good foot traffic but I still got plenty of time with the doctor, over 10min. And it was very informative.

    420 evaluations Patrick H.

    Tourist getting weed in Hollywood la  Great service, I couldn't believe how quick and efficient it was. I'm definitely recommending them to everyone I know!!!

    420 evaluations online Luqman E.
  • Weed card torrance  I've been here twice and what I like about this place is that it's EXTREMELY quick and there has always been parking. Reason for three stars: the Russian guy in the front is a bit of an ass with attitude. I called in advance to see what the wait was like and let the guy know I'd be there in 20 minutes, he told me there wasn't a wait and I should be fine. After getting there almost immediately after, he told me the doctor was going to go on lunch and wouldn't be back for an hour, and after I mentioned that I just called and spoke with him he gave me attitude and said "the doctor is entitled to a lunch break, ok?". The doctor was able to see me before she took her lunch though and she was great but I don't know if I'll be back as that experience left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Weed doctor la Jasmin K.

    420 evaluations  First time patient. Came in to get a rec. the process took literally 15-20 minutes. Staff there is nice. Do not buy the card because you don't need it. $40 for a rec. (take cash only)

    Weed card torrance Azalea T.

    420 evaluations  Great service, I have been back here for the past 4 years and every time it has been an excellent experience. From the moment you get there the front desk staff is there to greet you and answers all questions you might have.

    420 evaluations Raymond U.

    Dr fax Tokyo med AC jp  Love this place, and have recommended several friends here. Each one has reported being satisfied with the process, and we're all stoners. I plan to renew here every year, if just because of the helpful staff, and quick service (30 min. tops, w/ an appt.)

    420 evaluations Annie G.
  • Weed doctor la  Very friendly receptionist but unless you want a printed ID the day of you should do it at home since you FaceTime with the DR.

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    Weed card torrance  Nice quick service , professional & budget friendly!
    Would recommend to others , wait time was quick , friendly staff .

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    420 evaluations  Got my rec in less than 20 mins. Form was also really easy to fill out. Would definitely recommend!

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    420 evaluations  I got a card thru these
    Guys but all they did was take my money to never send me a card I wasn't sure about the online renew anyways well I guess I was right... wasted 50 bucks thanks guys

    420 evaluations Cody B.
  • Happy new year 2017  great stuff ! Walked in no problems easy fast and quick walk in and will walk out in 20 mins or more satisfied customer

    Doctor was very nice check my breathe and by then he's already making signing your medical papers

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    Weed doctor la  I have had maybe 6 or 7 doctors recs in my lifetime. My last 3 renewals was with this office. The price is right, it gets packed, but the evluations are quick and efficient.

    Happy new year 2017 Danny L.

    420 evaluations  I have been going to 420 evaluations for a few years. It's very easy and painless! Even the wait time doesn't seem bad. The doctors I've seen there are friendly, as are the people at the front desk. If you find yourself anxious at all, it's the kind of place that eases your mind about the whole process.

    Weed doctor la Peter S.

    420 evaluations  This was my first time getting my evaluation and the process was very easy and fast! Staff was super chill  the recs are 100% reliable and work in person and online !  I would highly recommend !

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  • 420 evaluations  This place is the best and easiest way to get your card! Fast service, quick turnaround. And it's cheap, what more could you ask?

    420 evaluations Tyles S.

    Medical marijuana evaluations  Cool place, my go to spot for renewals probably cause it's right around the corner from my home. Second floor, they have plenty of seats for busy days. Big flat screen TV to watch whatever stoney stuff is playing. ATM with fees of course so bring your money. Usually the wait is 30 mins to an hour.

    420 evaluation Carlos M.

    Weed card torrance  Easy and accessible.  Friendly staff, quick service, out in a quickness.  Highly recommend to all looking for quality and trustworthy recommendations.

    Thanks Evals!!!))&

    Medical marijuana evaluations Daniel S.

    420 evaluations  Great service only thing is they got my birthday wrong and the location is kinda far so in order for me to get it fixed I have to go back. Wish I could just get a correct one sent to me so I don't have to waste the time and gas. But Dr. was very friendly.

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  • 420 evaluations  I've been extremely pleased with the service I've received. The staff is friendly and helpful. I will recommend this to all of my friends.

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    420 evaluations online  Excellent doctors office! Quick and painless, just asked for my symptoms and evaluated my case! Super affordable too 🙂

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  • 420 evaluations  I am a repeat customer with 420 evaluations. They are local and convenient and they have you in and out in a dash.  They also have appointments if I'm not mistaken.  I am always treated with the utmost courtesy.

    Weed card torrance Yvette T.

    420 evaluations  best shop ive been to in los angeles. great customer service and knowledgable staff.

    420 evaluations Leon A.

    420 evaluations online  This was so simple to get my card. I filled out the online paperwork. I was trying to get my phone to load the app to do the face to face with the doctor, but was having problems. The doctor ended up calling me and was very thorough. I received a certificate that day through email and my card a couple of days later in the mail.

    420 evaluations Paula W.

    Weed doctor la  Went in as a new patient, and was very satisfied. Greeted nicely by the girl at the front desk, and took about 5-10 minutes to fill out the new patient paper work. Then waiting about 20 min for my turn (3 people were in front of me). Dr. Baggot was very friendly and quick. He made sure my heart rate/lungs were adequate and asked me questions about family history, health issues, etc. Then payed for my recommendation paper, and got 50% off the smaller card. Overall, good service, clean, quick and cheap. I will definitely be back for my renewal.

    Dr fax Tokyo med AC jp Justin C.
Patient Privacy
We protect our patients’ confidentiality and DO NOT report or turn in any lists or patient information to any third party or Government Agency. Patients’ records and private information are strictly confidential and are protected by Federal and State Law.