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Reviews are extremely important at 420 Evaluations, where we always encourage you to share your experience with us. We want to know how your experience went, what we did right, and what you want from your relationship with us in the future. Reviews are becoming increasingly important for all businesses. They provide new and potential clients with insight into the business, its processes, and they help consumers make decisions. Constructive feedback is also important, although many competitors use fake, negative reviews to unfairly influence potential customers. This practice has been reported on time and again as an unethical marketing ploy. Read on to learn more about consumer reviews, their importance, how competitors can use them, and why we want to hear from you through 420 Evaluations reviews.

Consumer Reviews

What are Consumer Reviews?

If you search for information online, spend time Customer reviewson social media, or research products and companies before spending your hard-earned money, you are probably familiar with consumer reviews. These rankings and brief customer testimonials are just about everywhere online, from Google to Facebook to websites dedicated exclusively to reviews. Many companies also publish the reviews of their customers right on their websites, giving all their current and future clients access to the information. They give customers a chance to easily express their opinion of their experience with a product or a service. This information is used by others to learn more about a business and make decisions about what they want to buy. Consumer reviews are an excellent way to make sure your voice gets heard, and others know about the companies that treat you well.

Why are Consumer Reviews Important?

The idea of consumer reviews has been around Customer Reviewsas long as there have been businesses, but they have evolved in recent years. In the past, people passed on their opinions of products or service by word of mouth, telling friends, family members, and maybe a handful of coworkers about their experiences. Since the invention of online reviews and with the growing popularity of social media and Internet search engines, consumer reviews have taken a much more prominent role in marketing and consumer decision-making. Now with a few keystrokes and a click of the mouse, you can tell hundreds or even thousands of people what you think about a company, allowing your voice to really be heard. This has emphasized the importance of the customer experience, changing the way many companies approach treating their customers.

The New York attorney general’s office recently reported that up to 90% of consumers are relying on online reviews to aid them in making buying decisions on everything from service providers to vacations to restaurants to products. Not only do consumer reviews give you a voice, but they also provide others with the valuable insight they need to make the best decision about where to spend and what to buy. This is especially true of services because the way you are treated plays a much bigger role. Forbes recently reported on the importance of consumer reviews, citing a survey that indicated 88% of consumers were willing to trust an online review as much as they would trust a recommendation from someone they knew. This statistic shows just how important consumer reviews are to other consumers.

Reviews are also an excellent opportunity for you to do something that does not require much time or effort but can have a big impact for organizations that have met or exceeded your expectations. The relevance of online reviews and the trust that potential customers put in them makes reviews extremely important to companies of all kinds. This is especially true for smaller businesses that do not have the marketing budget of large chains. Reviews help build a company’s reputation, attract new clientele, and reach a broader audience than traditional marketing methods like commercials and advertisements, flyers, and direct mailers. Every review you write can influence other consumers, helping them decide between products or services. Online reviews have grown considerably in importance, and they will continue to be important in coming years.

Fake Consumer Reviews

How do Competitors Use Fake Reviews?

Just as online reviews have grown in popularity, Fake Customer Reviewsfake reviews have also shown up in increasing numbers. Some companies are creating fake reviews or paying others to write them with the intent to falsely inflate their ratings with fake positive reviews or to negatively impact their competitors with false low-ranking reviews. A research paper presented by a team of business students, one from Harvard and one from Boston University found that roughly 16% of the customer reviews on a popular review website were fake. The study used a filter to identify suspicious reviews that were likely to be fake, including reviews that were overly negative. Numerous companies have been identified for paying for negative reviews against their competitors. An initiative by the New York attorney general resulted in 19 companies agreeing to stop their practices of commissioning fake online reviews.

In these fake review scenarios companies have been creating their own fake accounts or paying SEO companies or private individuals to post negative reviews of their competition for them. Although a few organizations known for customer reviews like the Better Business Bureau take steps to verify reviews, most allow anyone with a user account to post a review, assuming in good faith that the information is accurate. These negative competitor reviews, combined with fake positive reviews about themselves provides these unethical businesses with a competitive edge. In some cases, hundreds of fake accounts had been created on behalf of a single business. Fake reviews can do a lot more than steal away a few potential clients. The long-term impact of negative reviews that significantly drop a competitor’s ranking on key sites could be disastrous, ultimately causing an organization to fail.

Although more and more state and federal jurisdictions have begun to crack down on these fake and paid review practices, it still presents a real problem for many organizations, particularly those in smaller markets or that rely heavily on customer experience to attract new clients. Unwarranted negative reviews can have a serious impaction on a business’s financial performance. Lower rankings can result in fewer customers trying a service or product, a reputation for poor service that drives customers away, or lower rankings in search results, which makes it harder for customers to find the company. All of these factors affect a company’s bottom line, hurting their profits and putting them in jeopardy. For many companies, this has only increased the importance of consumer reviews, making it even more important that real customers share their actual experiences online.

Leave 420 Evaluations Reviews

Why Leave 420 Evaluations Reviews?

So, why are your 420 Evaluations reviews Leave 420 Evaluations Reviews!important to us? It is primarily because we care about our clients and we want to continue working with them and with their friends and family. We strive to be the most trusted service provider in our market, working hard every day to achieve that commitment. Out entire staff is focused on being courteous and attentive while using the most recent research and science to make medical cannabis recommendations. We maintain a confidential environment and ensure our wallet-size, plastic ID cards provide the appropriate information for collectives and law enforcement agencies, which both help protect our clients. Since taking care of your needs, including recommendations, treatment plans, ID cards, and medical support, is our most important task we always want to hear how we did, what you enjoyed, and what you would like from us in the future.

Your 420 Evaluations reviews do even more than tell us how we did. The research proves that online reviews play a big part in the success of small, local businesses like ours. Potential clients want to read reviews before they make a decision, and your review can help us reach more people, allowing us to grow our business and take the best care possible of all our clients. Your true client review also helps protect our company from fake competitor reviews. By sharing your experience, you can let others know we provide a quality service to real people, which will help others get the facts from someone they can trust – you. We encourage you to leave a review of your experience for us. You can also contact us anytime if you run into an issue, have a question, or want to make a suggestion.

In conclusion, consumer reviews continue to grow in importance every year. This makes them extremely important for all companies, especially small, local businesses that rely on client recommendations to reach new customers. Some unethical organizations use fake reviews to improve their business and hurt their competitors. By encouraging real customers to post reviews, companies like ours can protect themselves from targeted fake reviews and help present potential clients with a real picture of the work we do and the commitment we have to our clients. Thank you in advance for taking the time to leave your review and share your experience with us.


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