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History of the city

Having a population around 400,000 (2016), Bakersfield is the 9th-largest town in California.

Bakersfield is large within the agricultural company and does a bit of power, gas and oil, anything else, aerospace, exploration, production, submission and much more.
Bakersfield was swampland plagued with malaria-carrying mosquitos. Following 1848’s gold rush, the San Joaquin Valley flooded. Using the finding of more orange and black-gold (gas) within the 1950is, toddler Bakersfield increased from the stay of wood rooms right into a full-fledged neighborhood. a town was aged into by the music money and was formally included in 1873.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Bakersfield

American Green Farmers
Healthy Healing
Budville Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Herban Legendz
V & G Collective


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