10 Best Digital Scale Weed Review in 2024

Are you looking for reliable digital scales for weed because you’re buying and selling weed? Or are you having a hard time choosing the best scale for weed?

If you say “yes” to any of the questions above, then this article is for you! I know that choosing weigh scales for weed will be challenging because most, if not all, claim to be the best, but only a few deliver.

The best digital scales whether a digital scale, stealth scale, a pocket scale or American weigh scales share several things in common — they are precise, accurate, durable and sensitive.

For those buying their first scale for weed, there is no need to look elsewhere. I compiled the best scale for weed in the market that will surely help you in the business.

Whether you are looking for a digital scale, pocket scale, digital pocket scale or kitchen scales I have all of them on my list. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Digital Scale For WeedRatingCheck PriceDimensionWeightPrice
Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale
4.6/5Click Here To Buy5.83 x 3.86 x 1.1 inches5.3 oz$$
Brifit Digital Mini Scale
4.6/5Click Here To Buy3 x 5 x 3/4 inches248 grams$$$
Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale
4.5/5Click Here To Buy7.2 x 7.2 x 4 inches5 lbs$$
American Weigh Scales Gemini 20
4.5/5Click Here To Buy3 x 5 x 0.8 inches4.2 oz$$$$
Smart Weigh SWS100 Elite Series Digital
4.5/5Click Here To Buy5 x 0.8 x 3 inches4.5 oz$$
AWS Series Digital Pocket Weight Scale
4.5/5Click Here To Buy5.8 x 5.8 x 1.1 inches0.2 lbs$$$
AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale Upgraded
4.5/5Click Here To Buy4 x 5 x 3/4 inches5.6 oz$$
Etekcity EK 7017 Digital Kitchen Food Multifunction Scale
4.4/5Click Here To Buy9.2 x 6.3 x 0.6 inches1.01 lbs$$$
Boldall Portable Digital Kitchen Scale
4.4/5Click Here To Buy5.7 x 5.7 x 0.39 inches0.68 lbs$$$
Digital Pocket Weight Scale with Retractable Display
4.4/5Click Here To Buy4.1 x 4.1 x 1.1 inches0.4 lbs$$$

Best Digital Scale for Weed

The best weed scales depend on your usage, budget and preferences in terms of capacity, accuracy, and sensitivity to name a few.

There are tons of marijuana scales in the market, so you have a lot of options which is very helpful for a consumer. To save you time from researching and reading, here are the best weed scales that you can choose from.

1. Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale – Best Scale for Weed

This pocket sized digital scale can measure ranging from 0.1 gram to 1000 grams. The lid converts into a weighing tray to allow the user to measure larger quantities. It has an LCD that is lit by blue light so you can easily read the results even if you are in dark settings. This digital scale has a protective scale cover that keeps it away from scratches, bumps, and everyday wear and tear.

Moreover, this portable weed scale can convert between grams, ounces, troy ounces, and pennyweights for easy weight translations. It is versatile and can be used for items like gold, silver, coins, jewelry, gems and other small knickknacks.

This weed digital scale is also perfect for use in the kitchen to measure food, coffee, or spices. It comes with an auto-off function so you won’t have to worry about running down batteries. When using this scale you will need 2 AAA batteries to power it, but good news, your purchase includes batteries.

Overall, I love its simple design, flip cover, and stainless steel material. Weigh Gram Scale feels durable, it works well and I can carry it conveniently wherever I go that’s why I selected it as the best weed scale on my list.


• Manufacturer: Weigh Gram
• Item Weight: 6.7 ounces
• Dimensions: 6.22 x 3.9 x 1.1 inches
• Batteries: 2 AAA batteries


• Versatile
• Durable
• Portable
• Accurate
• Lightweight
• Solid material
• Blue backlit display
• Optimal functionality
• Flip cover for protection
• Has four modes of measurements


• You need to calibrate it
• No calibration weight provided

2. Brifit Digital Mini Scale

Brifit digital pocket kitchen scale is built with a high precision sensor system and delivers accurate results between 0.03g to 200g. It is also multifunctional and smart because it has six different measurements, including a mini food scale that includes the necessary unit measurements for easy weight translations, convert measurement and more.

This digital scale for weed alerts users for low battery power, overload and uneven surface placement. It is also equipped with auto-off after 180 seconds of inactivity which helps preserve battery power and efficiency. Its LCD backlit display is large, making it easy for you to read the digital numbers printed on the screen.

Overall, the Brifit Digital Mini Scale is easy to calibrate for accuracy. It is also designed to be strong, durable, and portable. You can conveniently take it with you everywhere you go because it is pocket size. Due to the said attributes, I considered this the second best weed scale!


• Material::ABS+silicone+rust scale
• Weight Capacity: 200g; Maximum weighing: 200g; Minimum weighing: 0.03g
• Division: 0.01g
• Units conversion: g/oz/ozt/dwt/ct/gn
• Error range: ±0.03g
• Product size:
• LCD size: 44MM*24.5MM
• SCALE SIZE: 142*85*25
• Product Net Weight: 248g
• Power supply mode: 2 AAA battery (included)


• Rugged and durable
• Very accurate in gn mode
• Easy to calibrate
• Easy to read the display
• Good value for money
• Good battery life
• Pocket size and portable
• Includes 50g calibration weight
• Lid has strong magnets keeping it covered
• Automatic shutdown after 180 seconds of inactivity


• Has to be calibrated often
• No moisture seal on lid or battery cover
• Hinges on the lid have excessive play
• No scale conversion chart or weight definition

3. Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale

This weed scale is accurate down to one gram or one-tenth of an ounce and can handle up to 2 kilograms or 5 pounds. However, it is not portable, unlike the pocket-sized scales.

Weighmax Kitchen and Food Scale is one of the popular digital scales for weed because it is ready to use straight out from the box. It has a 1 gram increment for precise measurements. Fortunately, you can remove the glass bowl and still use the scale. It also includes a tare function button to conveniently use the function.

This digital scale works well as a weed scale, but it can do more because it is very versatile. In fact, when it comes to functionality, many also use it to measure their food portion accurately and small pets like kittens and snakes safely. So, if you want scales for weed that can do more than that, Weighmax digital scale is a good option.


• Max weight capacity 2000g / 5lb
• Sensitivity: 1 gram or 0.1oz
• Back-Lit LCD display
• Removable bowl with easy cleaning and storage
• Measuring units: pounds / ounces, grams
• Power: 4 AA batteries


• Accurate
• Versatile
• Work well
• Affordable
• Easy to use
• Tare function
• Came with batteries
• Bowl fits scale perfectly and removable


• Bowl is not dishwasher safe

4. American Weigh Scales Gemini 20

American Weigh Scales is very popular when it comes to brands manufacturing weighing scales, in particular, weed scales. In fact, this particular digital scale model is preferred by many because it is compact and durable. It is perfect if you are always on the go as it can easily fit in your bag and converts swiftly between ounces, grams, troy ounces, and pennyweights, carats and grains.

This portable milligram scale has a backlit LCD screen with viewable and easy-to-read numbers even in dim lighting. It has a tara feature and high-precision sensors too that gives you an accurate measurement between 0.001g to 20g all the time. It also features an easy 3-step calibration to ensure accurate measures.

This digital mini scale comes with a case, two 10g calibration weights, tweezers, and a clear lid. Most importantly, it works well. It is perfect for measuring various items from precious gems, jewelry, medication, ingredients, and more.

It’s also very easy to maintain thanks to its stainless steel surface. Moreover, this weighing scale is effortless to clean and has a built-in cover that keeps it safe from scratches, bumps, and everyday wear and tear. It is also painless to use, simply place the items directly onto the stainless steel or place them in a tray or container for measuring.

Overall, this digital scale is user-friendly, has tons of powerful and convenient futures, and a great value for money. Plus it comes with a 10-year warranty. So, I highly recommend American Weigh Scales Gemini especially if you want a milligram scale.


• Material: Stainless steel
• Weight: 0.07 pounds
• Weight limit: 1 pound
• Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.7 inches
• Power: 2 AA batteries


• Easy to maintain
• Small and portable
• Measure accurately
• Made of stainless steel
• Easy 3-step calibration
• Has cover keeping it safe from scratches
• Converts between ounces, grams, troy ounces, carats and more


• Some users received defective item

5. Smart Weigh SWS100 Elite Series Digital

This weed scale is small but strong, and durable and portable. You can conveniently bring it wherever you go especially when you need to weigh small items like food, tablets, powder, gemstones, coins, jewelry, gold, silver and weed. It is designed to weigh up to 100 grams in 0.01-gram increment.

Also, you can use it right after unboxing because the package includes two AAA batteries that you need to power it. One of the things I love about it is how it is designed to make weighing tasks convenient and efficient. It has a tare function to determine the net weight of any product by subtracting the weight of the bowl.

It is also designed with responsive and easy-to-touch buttons, large size digits, and LCD blue backlight display that makes it easy for you to read the measurements that translate to six various units (g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn/gr). However, it may need further calibration sometimes.

Overall, I’m very impressed with its convenient TARE function, beautiful design with durable and easy-to-clean stainless steel platform, and accurate measures. It also has multiple weighing modes for fast and easy measuring of assorted items. Great unit to have along within indoor marijuana grow kits.


• Capacity: 100g/3.528oz/1544 gn /500CT
• Readability: 0,01 g/ 0,001 oz ?o,2 gn/0.05ct
• Scale Size: 5x3x0.8″/12×78/20mm
• Platform Size: 2,5 x 3′ /63.5 x 76 mm
• Power 2AAA Batteries (included)
• Calibration: 100g


• Durable
• Strong
• Portable
• Easy touch buttons
• Great value for money
• Easy to set up


• Suddenly stops working
• Inaccurate sometimes

6. AWS Series Digital Pocket Weight Scale 600g

This digital pocket weight scale is from the ever-popular brand American Weigh Scales. This portable scale only measures 5″ x 3″ x 0.8″, the perfect size to carry along when you travel a lot. This digital mini scale for weed can easily fit in your pocket, purse or backpack. Plus, you don’t have to worry too much about it because it is durable and compact.

It has an LCD screen, high-precision sensors and a built-in plastic cover that keeps it protected from scratches and bumps. The LCD display has large digits making it easy to read the numbers even in dim lights.

When it comes to its performance, it precisely measures anywhere from 0.1 grams to 600 grams. All AWS electronic scales feature highly accurate strain-gauge technology which offers precision day after day. It also has auto-on technology with just a press of a button on the scale, you easily get the accurate weight measurement.

I must say that when I look for a weed scale, this is exactly what I was looking for in terms of size, price, design, and effectiveness. It is also lightweight and only requires two AA batteries which are included in the purchase! So, I highly recommend this weighing scale. Works best if you’re fond of getting subscription boxes for weed.


• Dimensions : 5.8 x 5.8 x 1.1 inches;
• 3.2 Ounces
• Manufacturer recommended age: 12 months and up
• Item model number: AWS-600
• Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required. (included)
• Date First Available: March 7, 2007


• Durable
• Compact
• Lightweight
• Has LCD screen
• Easy to read digits
• Easy touch buttons
• High-precision sensors
• Accurate measurement
• Built-in cover that keeps it protected
• Auto-on technology in a press of a button


• Some reported power issues
• Some said it didn’t register 1g

7. AMIR Upgraded Digital Scale

AMIR kitchen scale is well-built with a high precision sensor system. It provides instant and accurate results from 0.05g to 500g.

It features smart button functions that include a “PCS” function enabling pieces counting such as pins, beads, and screw, “T” for the net weight, and “M” to let you choose the proper unit of measurement. It has a switch time that can be set between 60, 120, and 180 seconds and alerts you for low battery power, overload, and uneven surface placement.

It has multi-functions too including a back-lit LCD screen, and cooking scale to convert measurements between, tl, oz, ct, and gn in seconds. It has an auto-off function too that helps you save power.

I’m particularly loving its minimalist and elegant design. It is compact size which makes it great as food scales and comes with two trays that can serve as protectors or scale trays. It is also easy to clean and use, and works perfectly for jewelry, medicine and cooking ingredients with refined accuracy.

AMIR steel digital weed scale is high-quality, durable, accurate, fast and user-friendly that’s why it makes it into our best scales for weed. This digital scale is pocket-size and portable too, and comes with the needed batteries to make it work!


• Weighing range: 0.05g-500g
• Accuracy: 0.001oz / 0.01g
• Units: g/ oz/ tl/ ct/ gn
• Material: Stainless Steel
• Functions: Tare, auto-off
• Piece counting: 25, 50, 65, 75, and 100
• Six units conversion: G, OZ, OZT, DWT, GN, CT
• Color: Product(silver) Two covers (transparent)
• Dimension: 127 x 106 x 19 mm
• Net weight: 21KG


• Versatile
• Space saver
• User-friendly
• Stylish design
• Multi-functions
• Accurate and fast
• Smart button functions
• Superior quality materials
• High precision and wide range
• Includes two trays and batteries


• Some find it inconsistent and inaccurate

8. Etekcity Digital Touch Kitchen Scale Multifunction Food Scale

Etekcity EK 7017 Digital Kitchen Food Multifunction Scale is equipped with four high-precision sensors enabling this to give you precise measurements for meal preparations, calorie counting, baking, cooking, jewelry, weed and more.

It is beautifully designed with a slim and lightweight body for easy storage and portability. Its stainless steel platform makes it durable and the anti-fingerprint technology keeps it clean. It is also paired with a tempered glass tray that is stain-resistant. Etekcity digital weed scale is engineered to make every inch count. It can measure between 1kg and 5kg in milliliters, grams, ounces, and pounds with ounces.

It boasts a quick unit conversion between oz, lb, g, and mL for both water and heavier liquid. It also includes a tare function which allows you to reset the current weight to zero and remove the current measurement from the container, plate or bowl. It also includes auto-off after two minutes of inactivity to help you save power.

This milligram scale is also easy to use because it has a clear LCD with backlit giving you good visibility when reading numbers no matter what the light setting is. The smart touch also provides an easy selection for the functions and modes available.

Etekcity Digital Touch Kitchen Scale is easy to use and clean because it is stain resistant. Just wipe it down with a cloth and it’s good as new. This weighing scale will also alert you when it’s time to change the batteries. It’s smart and very convenient to use, so I highly recommend it.


• Product Dimensions: 9.25 x 6.3 x 0.63 inches
• Item Weight: 1 pound
• Manufacturer: Etekcity
• Batteries: 2 AAA (included)
• Color: Silver


• Sleek and lightweight
• Easy to store and travel
• Precise measurement
• Smart and intuitive
• Stainless steel platform
• Multiple units
• Easy to clean
• 1- Year warranty and lifetime support


• Expensive
• Difficult to zero the scale out

9. Boldall Portable Digital Kitchen Food Scale

It has a unique and modern look made up of a sleek stainless steel design equipped with a high precision strain gauge sensor system and LCD display. It also comes with a unique cover to protect the surface from scratches and bumps.

It’s a great travel companion because it is small and lightweight. It is also slim so it fits into a cabinet or kitchen drawer. Plus, it comes with a dapper black cover that keeps it protected from risk or damage to the sensor system.

Boldall Portable Digital Kitchen Food Scale comes with very helpful functions like tare function, auto zero resetting and power-off function, unit conversion, backlit display, overload and low battery indicators. It is also equipped with six different weight modes — grams (g), ounces (oz), pounds (lb), kilograms (kg), carats (ct), teraliters (tl).

The auto-tare function allows for easy measurements of portions and ingredients without you doing any math, so the measuring process is quick and easy.

Overall, it works as advertised which really pleases me. It’s a great value for the price that why’s it’s one of the best digital scales for weed!


• Product Dimensions: 5.7 x 5.7 x 0.39 inches
• Item Weight: 10.9 ounces
• Manufacturer Boldall
• Item model number: SF-830
• Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required


• Very accurate
• Sleek and stylish
• Small and portable
• Extremely easy to use
• Worked as advertised
• Tare function work so well
• Has transparent lid for protection
• Offers six different weight modes
• Large enough for larger quantities


• False readings
• Results fluctuate sometimes
• Some said it only work for months

10. Digital Pocket Weight Scale with Retractable Display

This digital weed scale is small and comes with a retractable display making it a perfect portable digital weighing scale. Its retractable display features a unique engineering design that features the lighted display swings out from beneath the scale.

It has a stainless steel surface that is easy to clean, and a backlit LCD screen with numbers that are easy to view and read even in dim lighting. It has high-precision sensors too for accurate measurement. Plus, it gets two expansion trays to accommodate your materials.

However, while it’s a great digital scale, it’s not perfect. Some said it has a flawed design because it gives faulty results. I didn’t experience it, but some reported to have encountered those issues.

Overall, I still find this digital scale worth the price and one of the best when it comes to size and portability. It can easily fit inside your pocket, so you can take it with you wherever you go, so you’ll always have one close by if you need it.


• Brand: American Weigh Scales
• Material: Plastic
• Item Weight: 0.4 pounds
• Dimensions: 4.1 x 4.1 x 1.1 inches
• Weight: 6.4 ounces


• Accurate up to
• Thin and compact
• Small and portable
• Available in other colors
• Unique retractable display
• Includes 2 expansion trays
• Lightweight and sleek pocket fit


• Some reported screen issues
• Faulty reading for some users

How To Choose The Best Scales For Your Weed

When choosing the best digital pocket scale for weed, you’ve got to familiarize the metric system first.

There are a lot of things that you need to learn to get the best one for you.

So, to make it easier for you to decide, here is a checklist that you should check out before making a weed digital scale purchase.

1. Usage

Determine how you will use the weed scale that you are buying. Is it for personal use? Or will you use it to weigh large quantities of marijuana?

If it’s for personal use, go for weed scales that weigh in grams and choose one with high precision. It’s best to get a scale with a low maximum capacity. I suggest that you get one with 100g capacity and at least 0.01g of precision.

But if you will be using the weed scale for weighing larger quantities of marijuana, you don’t need to be very particular when it comes to precision. I suggest that you go for one with a high total capacity of between 1000g to 5000g or higher.

2. Grams vs Ounces

Should you get a gram scale or an ounce one? There are about 28 grams in an ounce and most weed measurements are in the single-digit or decimal-point sizes in terms of grams. So, while you could use the ounces scale for weed, you would have to deal with a lot of decimal points if you do.

Most people talk about weed in terms of grams and buy and sell marijuana based on gram. So, a gram scale will be easier to use.

3. Size of the scale

Another important factor that you need to consider is the size of the scale, itself. Will you be carrying it with you most of the time, should it fit in your pocket? Or will you be leaving it in your workshop?

You should determine head on if you want a digital pocket scale, a stealth scale, or a digital mini scale for weed. Some kitchen scale also works as a scale for weed, so you better decide what you are getting.

If you decide on the stealth scale, that would be a great addition into a secret marijuana grow box in case you have one.

4. Accuracy

This refers to the correctness of the measurements. It is not similar to the sensitivity. Sometimes, the manufacturer will list the accuracy of their scale as a +/- amount that the measurement can be off by.

For example, the US mint ensures that nickels are exactly 5.0 grams, so you can use it to test your scale if it is high, low or right on.

5. Capacity

How much will you be weighing on your scale? Capacity refers to the maximum amount of weed the scale can weigh which typically ranges from 100 grams up to 5,000 grams. However, the price usually increases with capacity. So, get the capacity that fits your needs best.

6. Sensitivity

A scale’s sensitivity usually ranges from .001 grams on the extremely sensitive end and 1.0 grams on the less sensitive end. Having a 0.1 gram sensitivity works well for most casual marijuana users, but if you want it to be precise, 0.01 sensitivity is already good. Going after a sensitivity of 0.001 gram or higher is overkill for weighing weed and would be a waste of money.

7. Price

Digital pocket scales come at various prices, good brands usually they will cost you over $10 but less than $20. Set a budget and stick to it. Weed scales are usually priced at about the same price, so you will usually have a lot of options within your budget.

There are cheap scales less than $10 and you will also find expensive ones priced beyond $40. Take note that the more accurate, sensitive and bigger the capacity, the higher the price of the scale would be.


Digital scales are very useful when it comes to weighing weed, but there are certain features a scale needs to have to make it a good weed scale. For instance, it has to be precise and sensitive. It’s also best if it is compact, lightweight, and portable.

The brands and models above are among the top weed scales in the market. While all of them work really well, Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale is the best because it is solid, versatile, portable and reliable. There are thousands of reviews about it online and the majority are positive, so yes, you can trust that it is the best in terms of built, performance, durability, and price.

If you wish to learn more about weeds or medical marijuana, check our homepage.


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