5 Best Stealth Grow Box & Cabinets for Growing Weed Indoors Reviews

Are you looking for the best stealth grow box in the market? Or do you want to learn more about growing cabinets?

If you do, then you are just on the right page because I’m here to help you explore and understand what’s LED grow box and the likes where you can grow your precious cannabis safely at home.

A grow cabinet or stealth grow box is a self-contained box that is designed for growing plants indoors. It is equipped with all the things you need to grow weeds or other plants.

Stealth growing is important because it offers some benefits for your cannabis. Growing ganja at home is not easy because there are a lot of things that could give it away like its odor. But by keeping your cannabis inside the best stealth grow box, you will be able to keep those worries away because it will seal the odor and other factors that might give away the cannabis.

I know you are looking for the best stealth grow box in the market, so without further ado, here is a list of the top grow cabinet that I highly recommend.

Stealth Grow BoxRatingCheck ItemSize (inches)No. of plantsYieldPrice
Cloudponics GroBox Smart Hydroponic
4.5/5Click Here To Buy28 x 28 x 66610 oz in 3 months$2,440
Hellogrower 30-inch Stealth Grow Box
4.4/5Click Here To Buy15 x 15 x 3026-8 oz every 8 weeks$399
Supercloset Trinity Smart Grow Cabinet
4.3/5Click Here To Buy72 x 36 x 24365-7oz per plant$4,900
Grobo Premium Grow Box
4.3Click Here To Buy14 x 14 x 4813 oz each grow$2,300
Cash Crop 6.0-2 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box
4.2/5Click Here To Buy34.75 x 15.75 x 112 large1-2 oz$795

Best Stealth Grow Box

I have tried various stealth grow boxes and I must say, most claimed to be the best but are short in delivering what they promise. But these grow cabinets in my list are really good.

They are high quality, durable and effective. They are the best cabinet growing cannabis in the market and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed in any of them. So, let’s get started!

1. Cloudponics GroBox Smart Hydroponic

This is a smart, automated and fully assembled grow cabinet, so you won’t need to do anything to set it up. This is the best stealth grow box in the market because it does everything for you, just place it at home, plant your cannabis, sit back, relax, wait, and harvest.

This is also perfect for those who lack gardening skills because the grow box itself will take care of the herb.

This grow box is fully automated, so growing cannabis, which is labor-intensive becomes so easy. In fact, if you travel a lot, you can still do so without worries even if there is no one at home to tend to your beloved ganja because it can survive for a week or two inside this grow cabinet.

True to its name, this grows cabinet is smart because it is synced with an app on your smartphone.

From the app, you can control everything from nutrient intake to pH level even if you are away. Just connect to the cloud using a WiFi and monitor the growth from anywhere you are in the world.

Also, the system is connected and Cloudponics has some insight into how people are using the appliances.

According to co-founder Nicolas Ruiz, most people start growing right away, get a full harvest and then take 1 – 2 months break.

GroBox is a perfect hydroponic grow box for growing cannabis. It also works well for other plants like lettuce and tomatoes. Its durability, quality, size and performance are among the factors why it makes to my best stealth grow box list. I highly recommend it!

  • Easy to use
  • Self-sustaining
  • Simple but flexible
  • Full spectrum LED grow box
  • Personalized assistant on phone
  • Grow up to 10 ounces in 3 months
  • Comes with a fully integrated hydroponic system
  • Has an app that allows you to monitor and control the system
  • The intuitive app also reminds you when to refill the water reservoir and track the nutrients, lighting and more
  • Expensive

2. Hellogrower 30-inch Stealth Grow Box

If you have a small space for growing your cannabis getting this stealth growbox would be perfect because it is best for limited space and small growers. This is also very user friendly and will make a great starter stealth grow box for beginners.

Also, this comes with replaceable carbon filters, which is very helpful because you can just toss the carbon filter away if its faulty or no longer functional instead of buying an entire grow box.

Plus, it has bubble stones that increase the air distribution within the box and maximizes the airflow.

For starters, the grow box includes a bubble tub kit that includes everything you need to start growing your weeds.

It also operates on a hydroponic system, so the majority of the work is done by the box, itself, making it perfect for those who are not confident with their planting skills.

Also, if you are keen on keeping your plant safe and want to lock your stealth grow box, no problem.

This weed grow cabinet is lockable, but you have to purchase it separately because it is not included in the package.

  • Plug and play
  • Perfect for limited space
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to use perfect for beginners
  • Replaceable carbon filters
  • Lockable for extra protection
  • Has hyroponic system and LED light
  • The lock has to be purchased separately
  • Only available in the U.S. and Canada

3. Supercloset Trinity Smart Grow Cabinet

Supercloset is another popular and reliable brand when it comes to stealth grow boxes. This grow cabinet is an all-in-one professional LED hydroponic grow box.

It has two complete full-cycle grow champers with an additional cloning chamber where you can grow plants. Its compartments allow you to germinate cuttings, take clones, vegetate and flower plants simultaneously.

Another great thing about this grow cabinet is that it allows continuous harvest and you can harvest more in less time because the growing chambers allow for a perpetual harvest cycle to drastically reduce the time between grows.

Also, you can rely on the brand when you want the best stealth grow box because they have the experience and expertise when it comes to growing cabinets. In fact, SuperCloset is an award-winning brand.

They won the Gear of The Year for 13x. They also have a proven track record of quality and expertise, so yes, you can buy from them with confidence. In addition, they offer a 1-month warranty and a 5-day per week lifetime customer, technical and grow support.

For me, this stealth grow box is very impressive because it literally takes care of your plant and it includes everything you need to get started. So, for beginners, I highly recommend this.

But the best thing I loved about this is its smart app that allows me to control the light and watering schedules with seamless transition between different stages of growth.

This works wherever you are with its WIFI GrowCam upgrade, so don’t have to halt your travels to look after your weeds.

  • No odor
  • Strong lock
  • Holds up to 36 plants
  • Complete set up with good nutrients
  • Can grow to full size photoperiod strains
  • Quick harvest
  • Fully automated
  • 3-year warranty
  • Has three chambers with dual cabinet system
  • Large size so it offers massive yields every month
  • Expensive
  • Huge space

4. Grobo Premium Grow Box

Grobo Premium Grow Box is another trusted and reliable brand for stealth grow boxes. They can grow from seed to harvest in three months with less than 20 minutes of maintenance a week and yields 1-3oz per grow.

This LED grow box has FLUID Glass technology which lets you see your plants without opening the door while providing you high-quality yields.

Grobo is perfect for you if you want homegrown cannabis that is pesticide- and chemical-free. It is perfect if you have a small place and want to keep the plants’ smell contained because it comes with a carbon filter that masks the weed’s smell. It also makes your ganja safe from your kids and pets.

The best part of this grow box is that it delivers successful growth all-year-round and with high quality yields every grow. Each grow can produce up to three high-quality ounces.

Grobo has a team of engineers and master growers who spent countless hours studying the growth cycles of cannabis for precise growth.

They study what the optimal conditions to grow ganja and that’s what they are trying to deliver in this grow box. It will tell you how much water, light or nutrients your plants need to maximize yields.

It also comes with an intuitive app making it so easy for you to grow your weeds with so little effort. The grow box, itself, is compact and strong. From the look and feel it’s very durable. But, then again, the best part is the results.

Overall, I am very happy and satisfied with this especially with the amount of cannabis I make. So, I highly recommend it.

  • Automatic
  • The unit is clean
  • All-in-one design
  • Intuitive smart app
  • Steel lock for extra security
  • Odor reducing carbon filter
  • Uses full spectrum LED lights
  • Very sleek, will fit in any household
  • Only grows one plant at a time

5. Cash Crop 6.0 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

Cash Crop is a revolutionary stealth grow box that is redesigned to produce better crops for indoor growers. This grow cabinet gives you enough space to plant indoors from seed to harvest. It uses improved LED grow lights at the top of the box and on the sides to keep the cannabis warm.

In addition, this stealth hydroponic grow box is energy efficient and the LED light consumes so little energy.

Aside from the LED lights, Cash Crop comes with a ventilation system, air pump, stones and pipe to aerate nutrients. A package of nutrients to enrich the plants is included in the purchase.

Personally, I find this one of the best stealth grow cabinets for beginners because it is more affordable compare to others.

Plus, it is very easy to use. In fact, it includes a dummy-proof feature and a very simple manual that anybody can understand.

The growth cycle using this grow box may take from 8 to 12 weeks. But the hydroponic option can accelerate the harvest time of your plants by two weeks.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Energy efficient
  • Great for beginners
  • Improved LED grow lights
  • Comes with package of nutrients
  • Provides enough space for planting
  • Has dummy features for beginners
  • Can only accommodate 1 -2 plants
  • Not for growing bigger crops

What Is A Grow Box

A grow box is a partially or fully enclosed system for growing plants indoors or in small areas. You can put it as a self-contained growing environment and works like a garden, except that you have complete control over it.

Grow cabinets or boxes are used for a number of reasons like lack of space, desire to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers all year round regardless of the season and they protect the plants against pests or diseases too. Plus, cannabis indoor growing kit can mask odor which makes it perfect for growing weed.

They can either be soil-based or hydroponic. The advaned models are totally enclosed but with built-in grow light, intake and exhaust fan system, hydroponics systems to water the plants with nutrient-rich solution, odor control filter and more.

Others also come with advanced elements to maximize the temperature, light patterns, nutrition levels. Some are even connected to an app and you can control them.

There are different sizes and degrees of complexity when it comes to grow boxes. Others are called grow cabinets or lightproof cabinets. Meanwhile, a full-room version of a grow box is a growroom.

I know that you have heard grow tents too. So, I’m giving you a short comparison between grow boxes and grow tents in the next section.

Grow Tent vs Grow Box

You have probably heard about grow tents and you might be confused which is better between a grow tent and a grow box.

In this section, I will give you a brief comparison, so you can decide which between the two is better suited for your need.

Grow box is more presentable than tents because it looks like a dresser or stereo. It also conceals your cannabis well. They are also more durable and solid because they are already built as a whole and don’t need to be assembled.

Meanwhile, a grow tent is more spacious, so you can grow more plants and they are customizable. You can update the light, add a ventilation system. Clearly, the two offer different benefits, so you should determine your priority and from there, make your decision on whether you get a tent or a box.

How to Hide Grow Tent

A grow box is more presentable than a tent, so you don’t really need to hide them. Plus, they mask the smell and the sight, so it’s unlikely one will have to check on it especially that it looks like a dresser.

Also, if you want to make sure that no one can open it, then you can lock it. Yes, there are grow boxes that are lockable for extra security.

But if you are using a grow tent and not a grow box, and you need to hide it for some reason, maybe a friend will visit or your landlord is dropping by at your place, then here are some tips to keep your cannabis safe.

1. If you have a storage, extra room or basement, you can place the grow tent there. If you are renting an apartment, place it in a vacant room and tell others it’s your storage, so they won’t insist on going there. For extra security, you can lock the door so no one can open it without your permission.

2. Rent a van and move your tent there. If you really need to keep your ganja safe and out of sight in a very small room. It’s best to take it out. But be sure that you transfer it safely and don’t drive around with the van.

3. If you do not want to take your plant outside, the best thing to do is to drop the tent and put the plants in a box to keep it out of sight. If possible, make sure to put a light to keep the plants warm.

4. If your door is at the corner, try to place the tent there and cover it with your jacket or coat. Placing a small tent at that area is not very suspicious because it’s in the corner.

But if you don’t want to go through the hassle of hiding a tent inside your small space, I highly suggest that you get a grow box.

Why Do You Need A Grow Box

Growing cannabis at home is not easy. Even if in some states allow legal growing of marijuana, there are still some places in US where it is illegal. And given the popularity of weeds and wonders that it provides, there is no doubt that many are interested in it.

However, as I mentioned, it’s not easy to grow cannabis at home because you can’t just conceal its smell. Cannabis has a certain odor and other particular characteristics that is very distinguishable.

Also, hiding your growing cannabis might be difficult or close to impossible if you have a limited space. But thanks to grow boxes, it’s not that difficult anymore to have a garden of weeds discreetly at the comfort of your home.

Here are some reasons why you should get a stealth grow box.


Grow boxes offer you the convenience of growing cannabis with high yields but minimal efforts. Most grow boxes come with all the things you need to start growing your plants and they do monitor and provide the best amount of water, temperature and other necessities to help you grow healthy weeds.

Stealth hydroponic grow boxes come with a smart system that is not easy to emulate. A grow box is something that is not easy to build from scratch. But hydroponic grow boxes are mostly fully assembled and plug and play. It helps you grow with only minimal effort from your end.

Faster growth

A stealth grow box is usually equipped with a hydroponic system which offers more rapid growth by transferring the nutrients swiftly.

Since it is enclosed with its own source of water and light, the plant directly received the benefits from those elements giving it a boost in growth. This approach delivers a shorter cycle compared to the traditional soil farming.

No-soil farming

Hydroponic system is different from using soil to grow plants. It’s called no soil because it doesn’t use soil farming. Planting in soil exposes your plant to bug infestations, fungus or diseases. This approach only uses water and keeps you away from the unnecessary woes you normally encounter using the traditional method to grow weeds.


Hydroponic grow boxes reuse the water in the system which reduces water wastage. Reusing the water also reduces overall expenses on maintenance.

How To Make A Stealth Grow Box

How to make a secret grow box? How to make a one plant grow box? Is it easy to create one?

If you are considering making your own stealth grow box, no problem.

There are a lot of tutorials online that will help you create one.

However, I won’t say that it’s easy especially if you want to achieve what the best grow cabinets deliver. Nevertheless, they are still doable.

Why it’s challenging? Because you have to consider the light, ventilation, temperature and more. You need to make sure that they work well because they affect the health of your cannabis.

To make my point clear, let’s take the grow light for example. Light is extremely important for stealth grow boxes because it affects the health of the plant and eventually, your harvest.

Cannabis loves direct sunlight, so the more light, the better your harvest will be. You can use LED grow lights or HID grow lights. HID are cheaper than LED and produce great harvest.

Here are some instructions from Homegrown cannabis that you can follow to create a durable grow box at home.

Materials Needed:

  • 4” In-line Ducting Fan
  • Air Filter
  • Cabinet (new, old, homemade)
  • Fan
  • Hydroponic Grow System
  • Black Tape
  • Mylar (or any reflective material that is not aluminum)
  • Rope Ratchet
  • T5 Grow Light


  • Cover the interior of the cabinet with mylar.
  • Suspend the T5 grow light on the inside top of the cabinet using rope ratchets.
  • Create a 12” hole near the bottom rear of the cabinet for cool air entry.
  • Cover the hole with an air filter to protect the plants from dust and pests.
  • Create a 4” exhaust hole on top. Make a larger one for bigger cabinets or if using more/hotter lights.
  • Put the 4” ducting fan in the exhaust hole. It must be pointing up so it may pull the hot air out while also drawing the cool air in through the bottom rear hole.
  • Place the hydroponic grow system inside.


Stealth grow boxes are more solid, reliable and presentable than grow tents. They also mask the odor well.

Plus, they can look like a dresser or stereo box, so it’s unlikely for one to suspect that you are growing a cannabis plant inside them.

This growing cabinets come in different sizes and offer various features. The best stealth grow cabinet is one that suits your space and works for you best.

Grow boxes are highly recommended if you are growing weeds because they can take care of your plants with only minimal effort from your end. In fact, many of them have apps that you can use to manage the stealth grow box wherever you are. Aside from the brands I mentioned above, Grandma’s Secret Garden grow box is worth checking.

You may have started on marijuana subscription boxes just like me, but now decided to start growing weed yourself on secret boxes, so you can enjoy high quality weeds with less effort on your end.

If you get the best grow box, you don’t need to cancel your trip or be worried about being away for a day or two because your ganja or other plants are safe in a grow box.


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