5 Best Weed Subscription Boxes Reviews

Are you considering getting a monthly weed subscription? If you do, are you wondering what you should expect from a subscription box?

Those who are new in the cannabis world usually fall in love with it and they want more of it. This is the best and cheapest option if you can’t yet afford stealth grow cabinet systems.

If you just want that casual smoking feel, getting weed subscription boxes is really attractive. Who doesn’t want a present, anyway?

Of course, all of us do.

There are many cannabis subscription boxes that you can choose from and I’m here to help you find the best.

My list includes weed subscription boxes with all the essentials that you may need from glass pieces, rolling papers and high-quality grinders for a perfect smoking session. Plus, these weed subscription boxes include goodies too like snacks and drinks that will not only surprise you but you will surely love and enjoy.

Weed Subscription BoxesRatingCheck the PriceRecommended Weed Box ProductNo. of itemsDate of ShippingBest Price
4.8/5Click Here To BuyCannabox OG6-8Every 20th to 30th of the month$33.99
Hippie Butler
4.6/5Click Here To BuyButler BoxVariesFive days after placing order$39.99
Daily High Club
4.5/5Click Here To BuyEl Primo7-1015 days at most from order$29.99
4.3/5Click Here To BuyStashbox Max4-10Every 20th of the month$110
4.2/5Click Here To BuyThe Hemper Box6-10Every 15th of the month$29.99

Best Weed Subscription Boxes

Can you imagine yourself receiving monthly boxes of weed essentials and more to make your smoking pot experience extra fun?

If you love what you are seeing, then you shouldn’t miss the fun and subscribe too. Here are 5 of the best cannabis subscription boxes right now.

1. Cannabox

Cannabox is one of the most popular cannabis subscription boxes. In fact, many consider this one of the best smoking weed subscription boxes because it offers 6 to 8 great and useful items every month with awesome themes.

You can get premium glass pipes and bongs, rolling papers, rolling trays, snacks and gear items that are carefully curated for you by the Cannabox experts.

Also, the brand partners with well-loved brands like Raw, Grav Labs, and OCB, so expect to receive the best glass piece, dab rigs, vaporizers, dab pens, rolling trays, grinders, and other products or smoking accessories.

Cannabox is well-established when it comes to delivering your monthly subscription boxes. In three easy steps, you can get their weed subscription boxes and have them delivered to your door.

First, choose between its Cannabox OG membership or just the essentials.

Second, wait for your items to be delivered. Usually, they ship around the 20th – 30th of each month. Cannabox offer free shipment in the U.S.A, they also ship internationally.

However, international shipments may take longer. Cannabox will send the tracking information of your box on your email address, once it leaves their warehouse. In this way, you can track the weed box, yourself.

Third, receive and enjoy your weed subscription box. Feel free to share the items you love on your favorite social media site and use the hashtag #Cannabox to get connected with the Cannabox community.

One of the things, I really fell in loved with Cannabox with their various subscription plans they offer. For instance, they have a monthly plan, a 3-month plan, a 6-month plan, and a non-recurring or one-time box. The more months you subscribe, the lower the subscription boxes become.

However, they only ship every 20th to 30th of the month, so you should send your order before the 20th, preferably on the 18th of the month to receive your weed box. I still love Cannabox and I highly recommend it!

  • Best for smokers
  • Only uses reliable brands
  • Has numerous subscription plans
  • Offers something very useful for every type of consumer
  • No refunds for subscription boxes once shipped
  • Only shipped every 20th to 30th

2. Hippie Butler

This weed subscription box is perfect for those who love to smoke pots. If you are the type who smokes daily and uses glass and papers, Hippie Butler is among the weed subscription boxes that are perfect for you.

The package includes a glass piece, rolling tray, grinder, pre-rolled cones, cotton mouth candy cure for dry mouth, hemp wraps, rolling papers, lighters, hemp wick, and more throughout the course of your weed subscription.

When subscribing to Hippie Butler, you will get to choose between Dry Blends and Concentrates.

For those who choose Dry Blends, you are given two choices – Start with Essentials or Themed Boxes. New smokers can start with essentials and you will receive 3 months of starter boxes that will equip you with everything you need to smoke. In the fourth month, you will receive themed boxes.

Meanwhile, for OG smokers, presumably, you’ve got all the basics you need to smoke, so you can go on and start receiving themed boxes if you wish so.

If you are a concentrate aficionado, this is a 3-month subscription box that is tailored specifically to your preference.

You will enjoy a hand-selected assortment of premium items that will cater to your need when smoking concentrates. However, this can only be shipped by ground to the U.S. addresses excluding Hawaii and Alaska.

What I love most about this product is that it allows you to customize the weed subscription boxes that you want to receive by asking whether you prefer dry blends or concentrates. From there, you will receive subscription boxes that cater more to your nature of smoking pot and will improve your overall smoking experience.

Also, in this way, you will receive not just one but more weed products that are useful to you every month because they align with your habit. They also have great customer service and allows you to return damaged products without hassle.

I have a great experience with their weed boxes. I actually love most of the products in the cannabis boxes I received from them. So, I highly recommend this.

  • Affordable
  • Customizable
  • Discreet delivery
  • Offers well-known brands
  • High-quality smoking accessories
  • Hassle-free return if you have complaints
  • Plans automatically renew
  • Additional shipping fee for locations outside the Contiguous United States
  • Doesn’t ship to Hawaii and Alaska

3. Daily High Club

Daily High Club is another popular to-go site for weed items and subscriptions. It offers three weed subscription boxes El Primo, Connoisseur, and All Natural.

Their cheapest and basic subscription package is available for only $1. For that package, you can get stuff like papers, filter tips, and hemp wicks. Meanwhile, Connoisseur offers you all the essentials for only $9.99. Overall, it contains 7 to 9 products.

However, the most popular among the three subscriptions is El Primo – it’s a premier 420 box that contains all the fancy stuff.

This is the favorite among the stoners because it comes with 10 essential weed items that will make smoking pot more fun.

Subscribing to Daily High Club gives you access to premium supplies that get sold faster or are unavailable in your area.

They also offer you cool smoking essentials. In fact, they are among the few with the best stoner accessories.

Also, their subscription boxes are affordable. El Primo is only $29.99 per month, but they deliver your products that cost up to $80 if you buy each item separately.

So, you will save so much more when you subscribe.

They also offer a discount to customers who buy six-month weed subscription boxes of El Primo at once. You will love their items, so you should take advantage of the discount they offer.

One of the things I don’t quite like about this product is the packaging because it is very plain. I’m confident that you will enjoy the items inside the box, but the package itself is very simple and can be likened to a shoebox. It’s not very pleasing to the eyes compared to other weed subscription boxes that come in grand packages.

Also, the subscription box orders could take up to 15 business days to process which is far longer than non-subscription orders that only take 5 days to process.

But despite that, I’m still very pleased with Daily High Club especially the El Primo box because it gives you both the Connoisseur and All Natural items plus more.

  • Timely delivery
  • Ships internationally
  • Great value for money
  • Has three subscriptions available
  • Great customer service
  • Offers discounts
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Very simple packaging
  • Subscription orders may take 15 days to process

4. CannIBless Box

If you want to get great products and tips from experienced cannabis smokers and stoners, you will surely love CannIBless because they don’t just deliver curated smoke essentials, they also provide instructions from naturopathic healers.

CannIBless’ mantra is “Feel Good, Give Back” and its connoisseurs include parents, students, jet setters, men and women who share new brands and new ideas to help you make the most of your experience with this magical plant through heir weed boxes.

Also, the CanniBless community aims to rebuild lives and communities after the decriminalization of marijuana.

Aside from enjoying amazing cannabis items, you can help non-profit organizations that support cannabis social equity programs because 5% of the sales go to them.

Moreover, it also helps people affected by the criminalization of cannabis nationwide.

This weed subscription box offers you 4-10 items of cannabis essentials and handmade goodies that include delicious foods and beverages at a very affordable price.

So, expect your package to be a mixture of essentials and treats from lighters, trays, chocolates, and candies.

They also feature boxes from their connoisseur to help them. So, yes, CannIBless is very helpful and supportive. As its names suggest, the brand aims to “bless” others and you can support their causes by subscribing to their weed box every month.

  • Fast delivery
  • Budge-friendly
  • CanniBless is very
  • Sends you 8-10 items
  • 5% of the sale goes to non-profit organizations
  • Its connoisseurs include parents, students, jet setters and more
  • The people in CannIBless are helpful and supportive
  • The starting price is more expensive compare to other brands

5. Hemper Box

If you want to enjoy a premium smoking experience, Hemper Box weed subscription box is hard to beat. For only $39.99, you will get various items that cost over $100 like premium glass, daily essentials, and limited edition smoking accessories.

If that’s not enough to make up your mind for getting Hemper’s weed subscription boxes, I’m pleased to let you know that the company is really good at discovering the latest products from an array of categories and premium brands.

Hemper Box partners with several brands to deliver you a variety of fun and useful materials for your weed smoking habit including Hemplights, BIC, Raw, Grav Labs, Pax, and Kryptonite. They also offer products from 420, Hemper Tech, Marley Natural, Linse, Kandypens, and more.

Also, their in-house product development team is working constantly to innovate, design, and develop unique smoking accessories to put in your monthly curated smoking subscription box.

You will be pleased with the items on your box because you won’t find them elsewhere.

What to expect in your weed subscription boxes every month from Hemper?

Your box will likely include bongs, bubblers, dab, rigs, dab tools, grinders, rolling trays, vapes, pens, and more.

For instance, for September 2020, the box comes with assorted Hemper Ninja rig, mask, OCB cones, clipper lighter, and twisted hemp wraps. It also comes with Ninja dab tool, 14 mm flower bowl, 14 mm quartz banger, Hemper filter tips, and a limited edition assorted sticker.

Also, they ship each box discreetly in a mailer bag with no branding on the outside to help you maintain your privacy.

  • High-quality products
  • Offers unique weed accessories
  • Lets you save in the long-term
  • Great value for money
  • Discreet shipping
  • No free shipping
  • Pricey compared to other brands
  • Refund only possible in the form of store credit


Weed subscription boxes are not just for fun because they also give you access to premium cannabis essentials. Some sites allow you to customize the items in your weed box while others don’t.

Most enthusiastic stoners love this because 420 subscription boxes offer tons of smoking accessories that are very helpful for them.

If you are considering this, don’t hesitate to try it. Also, one of the best things about weed subscription boxes is convenience because you will get weed accessories and essentials at the comfort of your home. This is your best alternative if you’re on a budget and have no money and space to set-up indoor weed growing grow tent kits for marijuana.

Imagine the time and money you have to spend to buy glass pipes and bongs compared to having them delivered in your door. In the long run, you will save money, time and energy with weed subscription boxes! So, yes they are worth it.


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