California Firms Up Marijuana Rules

Legacy of medical marijuanaIf everything goes on according to plan, California is poised to take all matters related to not just consuming, but making available organic marijuana are concerned to the next level. Through a new law that is currently under legislation by lawmakers, the state allows pot marijuana to be delivered at home to users when ordered. California is gearing up to 2018’s start of marijuana sales that are legal and poised to make it unique when matters related to making pot marijuana accessible to the general public are concerned.

Of particular importance are lawmakers and the state government who are working round the clock to make it possible for the state’s approved pot law to go in tandem with the it’s medical marijuana program that has been in existence for a long time. The progress has been very positive, and so far, they have been in a position to settle on a variety of regulations that are all aimed at giving customers utmost protection when matters related to public safety are concerned while at the same time, ensuring that the collection of taxes continues.

The new law provisions were encompassed in the state agreement between the governor and a team of top Democrat legislators. The announcement was made after several months of serious negotiations between businesses operating illegally or those that have an association with the medical marijuana field. The same negotiations involved investors who want to be part of the nation’s biggest and most lucrative marijuana market.

During the negotiations, changing a multi-billion industry from the dark and bringing it to light has been termed as one the biggest challenges. By taking such an action, it will be much easier for people living in California to enjoy the medical benefits that accompany marijuana without the fear that they will be doing it contrary to the law.

By early 2018, California state officials are required to have drafted regulations and laws requiring proper governance of the upcoming legal marijuana market that is estimated to be worth not less than $7 billion in annual sales.

Medical marijuana attorneyThe laws will govern how and where plants will be grown and while at it, set guidelines that will allow proper tracking of the buds from the field to the stores. The state will also be expected to release a list of the complete legal sales at the end of the year.

California will not give marijuana any preferential treatment when abused. Just like alcohol, it will not be available to those who are below the legal age of 21 years. At any given time, an adult will be only allowed to be in possession of a single ounce of marijuana. When it comes to growing the same plant at home for personal consumption, the minimum allowed plants are two.

In the new budget agreement, California allocated not less than $118 million to cater for the brand new regulated industry, which includes the staff and the necessary technology to cater for matters related to regulations and licensing. In the remote part of San Francisco, the state will open a tax office so that all marijuana businesses do not have to drive long distances to pay thousands of dollars in tax cash.

In federal law, marijuana businesses remain illegal, and for that particular reason, pot businesses are not allowed to operate bank accounts or even conduct credit card transactions. This particular legislation outlines the baseline rules for marijuana businesses and was specifically made to see to it that all new artisanal industry businesses are well protected in the state.

Under the new laws, marijuana producers will be required to call their goods organic which is an important destination for California customers because that can not be used on pot under federal laws. The state is also required to create standards for official marijuana varieties as well as the specific growing regions so that those producing can be in a position to distinguish their products based on the particular strain and growing conditions.

Legacy of medical marijuanaBusinesses will get temporary licenses from the state and will be allowed to sell and exhibit at and give samples at county fairs, agricultural shows as well as all festivals related to cannabis. On the other hand, growers will be given the opportunity to form agricultural societies without having to break any antitrust laws. Businesses will be able to grow, distribute and sell their produce.

The state will be on a regular basis required to perform safety tests independently to make sure that every safety and hygienic measure is adhered to strictly. Just like with alcohol, no one is allowed to keep an open container of marijuana expect in the instance that one has a medical card or better still, a doctor’s note.

The same law gave permission to sellers without public storefronts to deliver directly to customers. California is headed to making history by licensing the growth and selling of marijuana to the masses. By so doing, it will reduce the number of such businesses that operate illegally in the dark.

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