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Citrus Heights

History of the city

Having a populace around 85,000 (2016 est.), Citrus Heights is the 90th biggest city in California.

By 1980, the city attained present day population degrees of 85k.The town of Citrus Heights was integrated in 1997, although the populace was no more than 20,000.

The region that will become Citrus Levels altered many times to hands – from Indigenous to lastly and Spanish-Anglo – throughout the 19th-century. The region was outlying with facilities covering the scenery prior to the Main Pacific Train in 1864’s appearance. Today associated with the earth that was exterior, more residents relocated in along with there was an actual neighborhood born. In 1910 builders, Desmond & Trainor purchased up a lot of the property around Citrus Levels and subdivided it. Trainor chose to alter the neighborhood title to charming Heights because it seemed more valuable and satisfying from dried Sylvan.

Contacts in Citrus Heights for attorneys focusing on legal issues related to medical marijuana

Roland Tiemann
(530) 621-1800
MMJ collective formation, Drug DUI, MMJ Defense. Staff speaks Spanish.

Address: PO Box 4997 El Dorado Hills CA 95762

Peter Boldin
Criminal law drugs, firearms; cannabis collective formation, management and compliance.
Also speaks Vietnamese!
917 G St Suite 202 Sacramento, CA 95814

David W. Dratman, Attorney at Law
(916) 443-2000
1007 7th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Citrus Heights

1. Citadel Alternative Care
2. NorCal Holistic’s
3. Tranquil Essense 
4. Dank City Collective


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