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Marijuana dispensaries Costa mesa

Marijuana in the city

Medical marijuana dispensaries found in Costa Mesa include Tops Cannabis – Costa Mesa, Aloha Community Collective Association, Steven’s Pharmacy, Harbor Compounding Pharmacy and 420 Central.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Costa Mesa

Tops Cannabis – Costa Mesa, Costa Mesa, CA 92627, (714) 462-4806
Aloha Community Collective Association, 801 Baker St, Unit E, Costa Mesa, CA 92701, (714) 834-1234
Steven’s Pharmacy, 1525 Mesa Verde Dr E, Ste 101, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, (714) 540-8911
Harbor Compounding Pharmacy, 2000 Harbor Blvd, Ste C-100, Costa Mesa, CA 9262, (949) 642-0106
420 Central, 420 W Central Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92707, (714) 540-4420


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