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History of the city

This small town is famed for many reasons. It’s the birthplace of the Apollo Space Program. The world Renowned Carpenters came from Downey. The earliest running McDonald’s restaurant is in town. The city is also home to Harvey’s, the first Taco Bell and second Dunkin Doughnuts.
The Spanish Crown possessed the properties After the Mexican–American War reasoned in 1848, wealthy Anglo-Americans purchased many of the Californio ranchos migrating west under America manifest destiny doctrine. These Americans wed into California Spanish families that were recognized.
Downey had a substantial population of emerald islanders (Irish). Downey was an innovator, Convinced that citrus would thrive in the climes of Southern California, several assortments of Oranges were imported. They were right, for oranges would become one of the biggest cash crops of the state. Now oranges bring in about $800,000 per annum with Bud bringing in about Farmers also grew legumes, corn, grain and fruit.
In Downey, factories were constructed during World War II to construct Bombers for the Royal Air Force in 1943. For a time, the town had some fundamental industry not that is pretty much gone.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Downey

Tops Cannabis – Downey
Green Door West Delivery
Cannacopia Delivery
Green Field Collective


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