El Cajon

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    History of the city

    Were you aware? The city’s nickname is the Big Box, borrowed from the Spanish phrase, “el cajón,” which means “the box” or “the drawer.”
    The Spanish were the first Europeans. The Spanish King gave substantial land grants to Spaniard elites and super-patriots who, no doubt had a desire to get away from it. These Spanish stations were called ranchos, and were used for cattle grazing and a bit of farming. In the Mexican age, ranchos were given to individuals faithful to the revolution, but loaded”Californios” of Spanish heritage were still active and played a leading role in grabbing much of the church’s lands.
    With the cession of California after the Mexican-American War, in 1848, Mexican-Spanish lands went into the control of newly arriving Anglos. In 1868, a developer named Isaac Lankershim bought the bulk of the Rancho El Cajon land holdings. After gold was discovered,.the original settlement actively serviced travelers on their journey between San Diego and Julian. El Cajon was incorporated in 1912 as a city.

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    James J. Warner
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    Anthony Imbimbo CPA APC
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    Michael E. Cindrich
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    San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney

    Address: 750 B Street Suite 3300 San Diego CA 92101