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El Monte

History of the city

El Monte, with a population of about 114,000 Monte is the 51st largest city in California.
The first Europeans, soldiers and missionaries, arrived in 1769 in the region. Actual emigration started in 1849 with the discovery of goldfields in the area. Were from Missouri, Arkansas and Texas.
These blessed migrants made their houses along the San Gabriel River upon the amplitude of abundant, rich land. For some reason the name was changed back to the first, although the settlement was named Lexington. The town was an initial wild west town, complete with bandit’s, gun and knife fights, gaming and saloons. Law enforcement contained the vigilante “El Monte Lads” who lynched offenders or victims determined by the day of the week.
A railway terminal was built by Southern Pacific in 1873 in town, while sparking the increase of local agriculture.
El Monte was incorporated in 1912 and single family houses were allowed by the government to the folks. Locally there were labour and racial disagreements, where Latino laborers and renter Japanese were systematically mistreated. The community has come full circle and has evolved into a bulk Latino community with a large minority people that is Asian.
Now, El Monte is devoid of other base businesses, commodities, agricultural processing or essential business. most of the thin in-town occupations are in the public sector.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in El Monte.

Sav-Now Pharmacy
El Monte Pharmacy
Green Door West Delivery


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