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Elk Grove

History of the city

With a population of 165,000, Elk Grove is the 31st biggest city in California. Interestingly, additionally, it is the second fastest growing town in America at one point lately, which means things were occurring.

The first turf had luxury canopies of oak and cottonwood complemented with blue currents and native grapes supplying sustenance to supplement recently hunted game.

The community stayed rural based with farming keeping most people. Fast forward to 1980 when property developers came to town. Many real estate jobs that resulted in Elk Growing are set in motion by this interval.

In the boom and bust that’s the history of America, the subprime disaster strike substantially in town. Few individuals got in the middle have regained.
The Top Companies are in public sector and the IT, with most people commuting to their jobs in the Bay Area and Sacramento.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Elk Grove

Florin Wellness Center
Green Door Metro Sacramento
Alpine Alternative


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