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History of the city

A Clipper Captain names the city in honor of his hometown in Connecticut. The main first economic stimulation of the city comes from Travis Air Force Base, employing up to 15,000 individuals in recent years.

The Ion culture settled, as far as we know, the Fairfield region dating back 5,000 years.
The first recorded Europeans reported to have settled in the region were Spanish infantry (1810). The Spanish militia was in pursuit of the Suisun Indians, worse, or needing to kick their butt. This astute businessman won the play for the county seat and parcelled out the Fairfield properties.

Now Fairfield’s market is almost entirely based on the military and public sectors. America should wake up because the private sector is usually a minuscule part of local markets. As in, perhaps produce your computers, you need to make your clothing and grow your food? What a new thought.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Fairfield

Green Ridge Organics
Releaf Alternative
Natural Green Solutions
US Bloom Collective
Vallejo Holistic Health Center


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