This short guide is related to the most frequent questions of our customers

  1. Is it legal to grow marijuana?
  2. How to get a medical marijuana card?
  3. How to get a marijuana license?
  4. Can employers of 420 Evaluations bring a card to my home?
  5. Where can I find a community of medical marijuana?
  6. What are the last legal notifications about medical marijuana?
  7. Where is the closest weed clinic of 420 Evaluations?

    History of the city

    Before World War II, Fontana was a modest rural town that is little. That all changed when a big steel mill was brought by an industrialist to town. Shortly other company came to town. Now found Fontana is now a regional transportation hub, catering to the trucking industry that is huge.

    Fontana was founded in 1913 as a fundamental point to service the Citrus Chicken, Wineries and farms ranches in the region. The descendants of these farmers certainly did love their automobiles. Fontana became a sort mini-mecca for auto shows, muscle cars and drag racing.

    Documents of legacy of marijuana in Fontana

    Town Hall – Ordinances, meetings, regulations and permits relating to Cannabis
    Fremont council bans cultivation and delivery of medical marijuanaMedical Marijuana Cultivation Delivery Zoning PLN2016_00176 Med Marijuana NOE