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History of the city

With a population of almost 250,000 (2016), Fremont is the 10th biggest town in the State of California.
Though not at the center of Silicon Valley, the Fremont market gains from the spinoff of Brainiac tasks around the bay. A unique characteristic is that Fremont has the biggest population of Afghan immigrants in all of America.

A Spanish Priest in the late 1700’s settled the Fremont region. American trappers went into the territory by 1828. This hodgepodge Mission of Spanish and Americans grew to a big (for the time) community of almost 2,000 individuals. The name of the town came from a mapmaker who scouted a trail to town from San Fran.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Fremont

The Reup
Doctors Medical Evaluation Centers
Lemon Boy Genetics

Contacts of medical marijuana personalities in Fremont

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