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History of the city

The city was ruined by a 7.0 (est) quake in 1868. Food creating and processing stayed a mainstay of the local business until the early 1980’s. Unfortunately, commodity sector and the private essential products were decimated.

Unfortunately, most of the first Spanish buildings was ruined in the vast earthquake of 1868.

William got kicked off the property but undeterred, he purchased the acreage. His family and he a resort that would catalyze the development of the town. There’s dispute over which Hayward the town was named after. Call it a draw and acknowledge two “creators”?

A Senior Castro, who lost most of his Rancho holdings held most of the properties in the region. The victory split the ranch up into lots and sold them away including Will Hayward.

Hayward grew from 1850 to 1900. The market was agriculture based with a surprising number of tourist action. Crops and Create contained chicken, potatoes, peaches, cherries, apricots, tomatoes and pigeons. Hayward shoreline of the Bay originated into some of the most productive salt evaporation ponds on earth. Hayward went into the modern era when the Hayward-San Mateo Bridge and the San Francisco Peninsula joined the city in 1919.

Surely some spies must have existed, but property that was confiscated was never returned.

Suburban home developers worked their magic on Hayward building houses. Lately, the town has been proactive, starting a solar endeavor that will power 1,200 houses. Lately, there’s an initiative to update old downtown.

Like many other Californian cities. Now the local market based on the healthcare and public sectors. Virtually none of the essentials come in the community. Has anyone ever heard the expression, God helps the guy who helps himself?

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Hayward

Garden of Eden
MJ Holistics Delivery
Irie Care CollectiveHarborside
We Are Hemp


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