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History of the city

With a population of about 82,000 individuals (2016), Hemet is the 87th biggest city in California.

The first inhabitants are recorded to be the Cahuilla Tribe. The first name of the settlement was Rancho San Jacinto.

In 1895, the Hemet Dam was constructed on the San Jacinto River, creating Lake Hemet, which supplied the first truly solid water supply to the Valley. This water system allowed for the development of agriculture through the valley. During this time, the first inhabitants of the region, the Soboba Cahuilla were blown off to the Indian reservation

The growing City of Hemet was integrated in January 1910. With railway service that is new it was not difficult to bring the San Jacinto Valley’s agriculture to the marketplace; peaches, apricots, citrus, olives, and walnuts.

The 1960’s found large-scale residential development which contained mobile home parks and retirement communities. Twenty years after, single-family homes fueled the property marketplace. As a result of affordability of assets and its closeness to Riverside and Corona, Hemet is appealing to people that commute to work while they love the lifestyle of the semi-rural surroundings of Hemet.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Hemet

Love Bud
Compassionate Harvest Medical Clinic
Target Stores
CVS Pharmacy

Contacts in Hemet for attorneys focusing on legal issues related to medical marijuana

Nescher & Associates
(951) 849-9112
Address: PO BOX 792 BEAUMONT CA 92223-0792, California

Law Offices of James M. Taylor
(951) 849-2081
Address: 66 W. Ramsey Street Banning CA 92220

Gloria J Williams of Williams Accounting & Tax Services
(951) 928-6283
Enrolled Agent, licensed to practice before the IRS
Address: PO BOX 270 SUN CITY, CA, 92586, California


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