Huntington Beach

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    History of the city

    With a population of about 200,000 in 2016, Huntington Beach is the 24th largest city in California. This beach town is known for its outstanding surfing and laid back lifestyle. Currents, storms, El Nino, conspire nicely to deliver great surf. This truly is a town that loves life on the sand.

    Did you know this fact that is absolutely, totally worthless? The 2005, United States Olympic surf team named Huntington Beach it is official hometown.

    In the 1800’s Surf city was originally cowboy country. With oil and the gold that were afterwards found, the Huntington property catch turned out to be the deal of the century. Old oil rigs dot the city.

    The old cows route ran up the beach thru to numerous local Rancho’s. The cows route was called then and Shell Beach Gospel Swamp, afterward Fairfield, Pacific City until the berg was finally named after the Railway Man Henry Huntington. Huntington Company, incorporated in 1909 fully owned by Chevron, is the major landholder in the county.

    Contacts of medical marijuana personalities in Huntington Beach

    Dan Riffle – MMJ Law

    20320 S.W. Birch Street Second Floor Newport Beach CA 92660

    Vincent J. La Barbera Jr. – MMJ Law
    (714) 541-9668
    4100 Newport Place Dr. Suite 620, Newport Beach 92660

    William J. Duffy – MMJ Law
    (888) 486-7486
    19600 Fairchild Road, Ste. 100 Irvine CA 92612