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History of the city

Irvine does not have any shortage of intellectuals, with a remarkable presence in the semiconductor and IT sectors. Irvine is a college town that is large also, with a host of famous schools like USC, UCI, CSUF.

As a Mexican ranch, Irvine started off like lots of Californian cities. The first action was an unbelievable 150 square miles. A Mr. James Irvine and business purchased the lot and then let the properties to sheep farmers. In time, the ranch turned. Shortly after the coming of the railway, Irvine developed into a city-sized thing. Oddly, the folks waited until 1971 to officially integrate.

Documents of legacy of marijuana in Irvine

Irvine prohibits cannabis dispensaries, delivery and cultivation Jan. 13, 2016. ”Because we don’t issue permits for companies that intend to run in a way that’s inconsistent with state and national law. Dispensaries aren’t authorized in the City of Irvine”
Cops And Prison Guards Fight Calif. Cannabis Legalization With Big Money ”Legalization assistants have much-outstripped competitors when it comes to fundraising, collecting $2.25 million into their war chest by February. $1 million from billionaire Napster co-founder Sean Parker and $500,000 from the Irvine-based firm Weedmaps”
Public health effects of legalized pot. In states with a medical cannabis plan, a July 2015 study by the Rand Corporation and the University of California-Irvine found decreases in both lethal overdoses from opioids — some as high as 33 percent after five years and entrances to addiction facilities regarding opioids maltreatment. Starting in 2010, the study found a 25 percent average decrease in opioids fatalities in 10 states with a medical cannabis plan, including Colorado and Washington where the results enhanced following total legalization.”

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Irvine

Bud Man
South Coast Safe Access
South County Meds
The Joint Santa Ana

Medical cannabis news

California Cannabis Legalization to Bring Substantial Economical Impact. It’s now official: A measure to legalize mature- “recreational” cannabis or use will be on the ballot this November in California.

There are changing predictions about the size of the California cannabis marketplace if legalization passes, ranging from only $2 billion to over $10 billion. The biggest variant is the cost of cannabis, which estimates spot from $320 per ounce, all the way down to $64 per oz, driven by supply and demand. Now, medical cannabis sales in California last year hit $2.7 billion, and account for almost half of all legal cannabis sales in the state.


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