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La Mesa

History of the city

La Mesa sports a population of about 60,000 individuals, many of which use medical cannabis. The territory around La Mesa was initially part of a land grant made to missionaries from the King of Spain. By 1900, the population of the settlement stood at a microscopic 150 residents. The city itself was integrated some fifty-ish years with a population of but a few thousand. The city conforms to the laws of California rather than making special ordinances. What’ve other municipalities actually gained by reinventing the wheel -so to speak?

The city isn’t without initiation. Among the first bottled water firms ran out of the city in 1907 and was formed. The exponential increase was started by the return of veterans from World War II until 1980. The population of the city has grown in the previous thirty years.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in La Mesa

The Pac
Diamond Collective
Exotic Strains
Pacific Alternative Care

Contacts in La Mesa for attorneys focusing on legal issues related to medical marijuana

James J. Warner
3233 Third Ave San Diego CA 92103

Anthony Imbimbo CPA APC
(619) 497-1040
2445 Fifth Avenue Suite 350 San Diego, CA 92101

Michael E. Cindrich
(619) 262-2500
750 B Street Suite 3300 San Diego CA 92101


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