The Treatment of Anorexia with Medical Marijuana

In recent years, many people have started to recognize the potential for medical marijuana when it comes to the treatment of certain diseases and conditions. After all, it has been proven to effectively treat everything from complications relating to glaucoma to seizures and even pain. As more people are exposed to its use, it is being discovered that it can treat a number of other conditions.


How to Treat Migraine with Marijuana

People that suffer from migraine headaches often find themselves in a position where it is practically impossible for them to live a normal life on a daily basis. They often struggle with daily tasks and find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with the demands of a regular schedule. This is because migraine headaches have a tendency to totally incapacitate a person that is suffering from them.

Marijuana leaf

End Chronic Pain with Marijuana Use


Today, chronic pain exists among 100 million Americans; these are pain sufferers. What is the definition of chronic pain? Lasting longer than six months at a time, chronic pains cause exhaustion, due to mild or excruciating results in nerve endings within the nervous system. Pain continues to stem from headaches, pain from injury,

How to treat arthritis with marijuana?

Medical Marijuana as a Remedy For Arthritis

For quite some time, Marijuana has been a controversial natural treatment for arthritis. As one might suspect, numerous individuals use it for recreational reasons to experience feelings of euphoria. Nevertheless, there are other people who claim that it is among one of the few natural remedies for arthritis that actually work to alleviate the symptoms of this painful and often debilitating condition.


HIV, AIDs and medical marijuana

HIV and AIDS as serious diseases

The harsh reality of being infected by HIV or AIDS leaves the patient with a myriad of symptoms and daily difficulties. So often, the symptoms and signs are dismissed to a simple cold or even the flu. A symptom of HIV AIDS could include swollen lymph nodes,