Indoor growing

Medical Cannabis Cultivation

Cultivating marijuana can be a challenging but extremely rewarding endeavor. When you grow your own cannabis, you are in full control. You can decide if you want the plants to be grown organically or not, understand how well they were cared for, and know exactly what quality and strain you have. These benefits have led many to undertake their own grow operation,


Treat your neuropathy foot pain with medical marijuana

Individuals dealing with neuropathy foot pain are looking for relief. The condition can be extremely painful, cause a variety of negative symptoms, and create mobility challenges. Many of the treatments for neuropathic pain are not effective for all patients. This form of pain is known for being difficult to treat. Fortunately, medical marijuana may be an excellent alternative treatment.

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420 Evaluations reviews

Reviews are extremely important at 420 Evaluations, where we always encourage you to share your experience with us. We want to know how your experience went, what we did right, and what you want from your relationship with us in the future. Reviews are becoming increasingly important for all businesses. They provide new and potential clients with insight into the business,

A picture of a person with shizophrenia

Treat your schizophrenia with medical marijuana

The concept of treating schizophrenia with medical marijuana is a fairly new one. The legal status of marijuana, the lack of research on its beneficial effects, and the belief that it may contribute to mental disorders have all made the concept of using it as a treatment hard to fathom. However, as more research is conducted,


Treat your anxiety with medical marijuana

Treating anxiety with medical marijuana is a popular topic, but much is unknown about how marijuana affects anxiety disorders. The available research is divided, some showing that cannabis is an effective treatment and other information showing it can cause anxiety. With all this divided information it can be difficult to determine if using cannabis for your anxiety disorder is going to be effective.