Treat your anxiety with medical marijuana

Treating anxiety with medical marijuana is a popular topic, but much is unknown about how marijuana affects anxiety disorders. The available research is divided, some showing that cannabis is an effective treatment and other information showing it can cause anxiety. With all this divided information it can be difficult to determine if using cannabis for your anxiety disorder is going to be effective.

Skin cancer

Relieve your skin cancer with medical marijuana

Skin cancer is a serious medical condition with a growing number of cases identified every year. Although many types of skin cancer are treatable and generally are not life-threatening, there are more serious and deadly varieties. Treatment is important if skin cancer is diagnosed. Curing skin cancer before it spreads and becomes deadly is essential to increasing survival rates.

Breast Cancer

Relieve your breast cancer with medical marijuana

Whether the person being diagnosed is you or a loved one, the term breast cancer can be terrifying to hear. Learning more about the type of breast cancer you have can help you make better decisions about the therapies you use to win the fight against it. Considering marijuana as a treatment is one of the several possible therapies you can use.

Diagnosis - Shingles

Treat your shingles with marijuana

Shingles is a serious and extremely painful medical condition that has no known cure. Patients experiencing a shingles outbreak describe it as one of the most painful things they have ever experienced. Many of the traditional treatment options do little to treat the symptoms of a shingles outbreak or decrease the likelihood of complications from shingles.

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Treat your colitis with marijuana

Colitis is a serious condition that affects numerous people all over the world. The intestinal disorder occurs as a result of inflammation in the colon, and there is no known cure for it. Individuals living with colitis use a variety of treatments to try to keep symptoms under control, but many traditional treatments leave something to be desired.