Medical Marijuana as a Treatment for Alcoholism

When it comes to understanding the relationship between an individual and alcohol addiction, there are many things that come into play. One of the more recent developments has involved finding effective help for these individuals that center around standardized medical intervention for alcohol addiction. In fact, many people are wondering why marijuana is not used to treat individuals who are suffering from the ravages of this disease. The truth is, there are a number of reasons that it could effectively be used. However, it really comes down to the laws that exist within the United States which prevent its use, for alcohol addiction and a variety of other potentially serious conditions.

Treating Alcohol Addiction

For some, the idea of treating alcoholism with Alcohol Addictionweed, or cannabis, is a natural progression because marijuana is capable of treating so many of the common factors that are typically involved with alcohol addiction. For others, this is an idea that is staunchly opposed. These individuals feel like one addiction is merely being swapped for another. These individuals do not necessarily see the use of marijuana as a means of effective treatment, even when used exclusively for medicinal purposes. They think that if someone makes the decision to treat alcoholism with weed that they will simply become an alcoholic who is also addicted to marijuana. However, there is a lot of fear that surrounds the ability to treat alcoholism with cannabis. Perhaps it is time to look at things from a more scientific approach as opposed to falling back on the age-old line that has been taken concerning the laws regarding the use of marijuana throughout the United States.

Potential Benefits

The reality of the situation is that there artreating alcoholism with marijuanae a lot of potential benefits that are associated with treating alcohol addiction with marijuana. First and foremost, its use has been proven in the past to help calm people’s nerves. One of the major reasons that alcohol addiction exists is because people that are addicted to it feel as though they cannot survive without it. They use it as something of a crutch. When something becomes too difficult to deal with in life, they automatically fall back on their addiction with alcohol in order to make things more manageable. Before long, this becomes a daily habit and for some, it is a habit that cannot be shaken. These individuals need some type of medical intervention. All the self-help books in the world and even prescription medication can not always help these individuals. The truth is, any prescription medications that are given are going to be so harsh that they carry a whole list of potentially dangerous side effects. Furthermore, it isn’t always possible to reach every alcoholic through counseling or other types of similar endeavors. Therefore, it becomes essential to find some new way of treating these individuals that can help them where the root of the problem begins. This is why it is possible to effectively treat alcoholism with medical marijuana.

LawsLaws In the United States

Unfortunately, the laws in the U.S. have not quite caught up with medical research. Technically, the reason listed for the lack of approval for the use of medical marijuana involves a lack of major clinical trials to prove its overall effectiveness (NIH 2015). However, it is easy for those individuals that don’t really want anything to change to state the above sentence as a given fact. The truth is, marijuana has been successfully used to treat a number of health conditions, ranging from cancer to chronic pain and even seizures. The fact is, it has been used to effectively treat these individuals and further clinical trials are showing promise. There is no reason to think that it cannot be used just as effectively when it comes to treating individuals who are suffering from alcohol addiction.

Backing It Up

If it hasn’t been approved yet, how could it be medical marijuanaeffective? The truth is, it is important to look back on the use of marijuana for other conditions, like those listed in the paragraph above. One of the most prevalent benefits of using it involves the ability to calm an individual in ways that few other medications are capable of doing. For a person that is suffering from alcohol addiction, the ability to remain calm is a key component of recovery. The most important thing to remember is that its use often takes the edge off, so to speak. It can help a person that is suffering from the symptoms of withdrawal while simultaneously helping those who are unable to relax long enough to even think about recovery. Because it also helps with chronic pain, it can provide a great deal of assistance to those individuals who have been drinking excessive amounts of alcohol for several years. Their body has become dependent upon the substance and the use of marijuana can reduce that level of dependency a great deal.

Hope For the Future

The hope is that in the near future, marijuana will be approved for use in treating alcohol Hope For the Futureaddiction and a number of other diseases. However, nothing is certain. Fortunately, clinical trials are ongoing, leaving the door open for some small sliver of hope that things will change in the not-so-distant future. The bigger question involves those individuals who need to be treated right away. After all, what is a person supposed to do if they have already tried other programs and failed and they essentially have nowhere left to turn? For these people, finding an effective regimen right now is imperative. They don’t have time to waste hoping for a future cure. They need something that they can depend on immediately. The problem with alcohol addiction is that it intensifies over time. No one becomes addicted to it the first time that they drink. Instead, it is something that happens when a person drinks repeatedly. Typically, it can occur so slowly that the individual in question doesn’t even realize that they are becoming addicted until it has already happened. Therefore, that individual is likely to continue to get worse over time. In severe cases, alcohol addiction can become an urgent medical condition that requires immediate intervention. The reason that marijuana is considered as a viable option is because it can help slow this downward spiral until it eventually stops.

Finding a Solution

Fortunately, there is a solution of sorts that is available to these individuals. However, it does involve a certain amount of sacrifice on the part of many of these individuals in order to make it a reality. Currently, anyone that wants to be treated with marijuana, whether they need it for alcohol addiction or any other disease, must travel to a state where it has been legalized for these purposes. There are only a handful of options available to individuals at the current time. However, people make the decision to move to the states where it is legal and get under a doctor’s care that understands its potential on a daily basis. For anyone who is seeking effective options, this is definitely at the top of the list. Unfortunately, it is virtually the only option that is currently available. While there is every hope that things will change, anyone that is suffering from an addiction to alcohol would be doing themselves a favor to find a physician that practices in an area where marijuana use is legal and then speak with them about becoming their patient. Doing so can often eliminate many of the potential problems that a person might run into and it can also make a huge difference in the effectiveness of being treated. Furthermore, the idea is for a person to get treated as quickly as possible. That means that there is no time to waste so it is imperative that individuals who are facing this situation find out as much information as possible concerning their options without taking too long in order to do so.


In the end, a person that is an alcoholic or anyone that is close to a person suffering from this condition, for that matter, has a lot of hard decisions to make. Until the laws catch up with the science that exists behind the use of marijuana, people have to work within the confines of those laws. While it certainly doesn’t make the situation any easier and it might seem incredibly unfair, there is no reason to think that a person that needs to be treated with marijuana should not be able to get it. At the moment, it requires that they be willing to do what is necessary in order to get the help they need. Hopefully, individuals will begin to realize how valuable this regimen could be and they will start to incorporate it in more parts of the country. The idea is that eventually, it will be legal in all states for medicinal purposes. Until that time, people that need this type of help will have to travel to the places where it is available. Hopefully, it will not be that way forever.

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