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History of the city

Modesto ranks as the 18th biggest city in the Golden State with a population of about 340,000

Known as Tree City, stunning farmland with everything from chickens, dairy farm surrounds the town, to nuts and almonds with a smattering of most everything. The county gross incomes about $3 billion.
Modesto is rated well in cost of living, employment opportunity increase and affordable housing.
This agriculturally multidimensional city hosts the biggest private winery The Gallo Winery Estate, on earth.
Modesto got its beginning as a modest transit point that serviced the railway from Sacramento. He said, it wasn’t right, I favor modestly, although the town needed to name the Berg after its chief financier.
An interesting fact.
The official city motto is “Water Wealth Contentment Health”. In a competition to decide the motto “Nobody’s got Modesto’s goat really won first prize, with the “victor” in second.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Modesto

The Peoples Remedy
Alternative Health Solutions
TCCG Corporation
M.D. Cann Medical and Health Clinic
Prop 215 Info Center


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