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History of the city

The Norwalk region was initially settled by Spanish settlers who set up several missions that were successful. Nieto’s Rancho put up on the market and was subdivided. Buyers flocked to purchase the rich properties sporting very enormous sycamore trees.
In 1873, the Railway came to town, and the Sproul family, local bigwigs, sold property on the stipulatio that it be used as a passenger stop, so ensuring the community’s economic future. Locals would encourage tours to “see the state”, which would be to say, invest or purchase property.
By the 1890’s the city intermixed within agricultural operations that were successful.

With many thanks to it is Dutch residents, by 1900, Norwalk was created with virtually every leading farm taking dairy farm as a leading dairy farm facility. Sugar beet farming became the largest cash crop in town.

After the 1950s, the demographics shifted from mostly white to contain ample portions of the people that was Hispanic. Norwalk slowly became a nonentity as the town grew considerably as a residential area, but decreased considerably as a company or manufacturer of any goods that were vital. Virtually all the occupations are in the public sector, schools, city, hospitals, authorities now.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Norwalk

Green Door West Delivery
La Familia Pharmacy
CVS Pharmacy

Documents of legacy of marijuana in Norwalk

California NORML’s list of Bondsmen and MMJ Attorneys that service Norwalk
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