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History of the city

Oxnard is among the most wealthy communities per capita in the United States of America. Oxnard, not surprisingly is one of the safest cities of America also.
Oxnard is a fresh city, incorporated in 1903, a senior citizen much mature than it. The origins as a human settlement of Oxnard go back. There’s signs of indigenous people dwelling in the region for thousands of years. The Spanish set up store just after Columbus first landed in the Caribbean.
You only can not stop “progress”.
Oxnard got its beginning as a ranching community and cash crop farmers tilled the rich grounds for a decent living. The town morphed with a little smoky industrial landscape, then catered to dollar communications and aerospace sectors, military uses. All done and said, Oxnard has evolved into one of the finer cities.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Oxnard

Green Garden Health Delivery
Gold Coast Meds
Seedless Express Oxnard

Documents of legacy of marijuana in Oxnard

Oxnard City Hall on Grass
Check with city hall to learn about the latest in Medical Marijuana opinions, guidelines, local licenses, etc.
“Contrary to published reports, the City of Oxnard doesn’t allow medical cannabis dispensaries. We regret.”
An Uncodified Ordinance of the City of Oxnard Prohibiting the Sale, Supply, or Provision of Medical Bud within the City
Residents call for access to medical cannabis at county hearings Ventura County May 27, 2016
Jurors in Cottonwood guy’s trial grappling over first -degree murder May 28, 2016
Jason Garrett sees indications of development in frozen DE Randy .May 26, 2016
May 17, 2016 county seeks Community input on Medical Cannabis Regulation Ventura County



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