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Lega recreational pot shops in palmdale

Marijuana in the city

It has major weed centers, Palmdale 420 Doctor, Organic Bliss Deliveries, High Desert Wellness, AV Pharmacy and Haoeyou Pharmacy.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Palmdale

Palmdale 420 Doctor, 949 E Palmdale Blvd, Palmdale, CA 93550, (661) 916-3595
Organic Bliss Deliveries, Palmdale, CA 93550, (661) 772-7072
High Desert Wellness, 3166 E Palmdale Blvd, Ste 114, Palmdale, CA 93550, (661) 441-4204
AV Pharmacy, 3870 Trade Center Dr, Palmdale, CA 93551, (661) 272-6970
Haoeyou Pharmacy, 38656 Medical Ctr Dr, Ste C, Palmdale, CA 93551

Documents of legacy of marijuana in Palmdale

California NORML’s list of Bondsmen and MMJ Attorneys that service Palmdale
Oppose Retail Taxes To Be Imposed by Pending Laws On Medical Pot
California Cannabis Laws by 2016, County


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