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History of the city

By the 1890’s, the drought conditions that establish in could not be handled by the local farmers and the settlement was mostly left. The settlers went nearer to the Southern Pacific Railroad tracks. This place would grow into the city of Palmdale.
Water became a rare commodity as the people of Palmdale started to grow after the move. A highway and LA in 1921 linked Palmdale enabling simple accessibility to services and local products. Naturally, the local market boomed.

Until World War II, Palmdale was primarily an agricultural community. In the area creating nothing but occupations, Edwards Air Base was installed with the outbreak of World War II. Even now, Palmdale, the Valley of the Palms, is referred to as the “Aerospace Capital of America”.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Palmdale

Palmdale 420 Doctor
Organic Bliss Deliveries
High Desert Wellness
AV Pharmacy
Haoeyou Pharmacy

Documents of legacy of marijuana in Palmdale

California NORML’s list of Bondsmen and MMJ Attorneys that service Palmdale
Oppose Retail Taxes To Be Imposed by Pending Laws On Medical Pot
California Cannabis Laws by 2016, County


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