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History of the city

Pomona ranks as the 35th largest city in California with a population of about 155,000 individuals.
In  1875 competition, the city in aptly named after the Roman goddess Pomona, originator of productive wealth. Great name, but the strange thing was that at this time, there were no fruit trees in the area.
The city grew by Spaniards that went to the area in the 1830′ when California was part of Mexico from a settlement.
In particular boomed; citrus by the 1880’s the railway which resulted in the growth of local agricultural attempts.
Faiths associations were consistently played a significant part in the history of Pomona. Signs of the edification is exemplified in the magnificent buildings of European churches on display in old Pomona..
There are more than 120 churches that represent samples of every major world faith now.
Open minded Pomona citizens elected the first girl of Guatemalan tradition, Norma Torres as mayor.
Now, industry in town has actual home spun, as opposed to the many cities that generate no essentials and depend mainly on a government test.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Pomona

GreenDrop collective
Express Pharmacy
Cvs Pharmacy

Documents of legacy of marijuana in Pomona

California NORML’s list of Bondsmen and MMJ Attorneys that service Pomona
Anthony Curiale and Associates are honored members of the legal community, holding membership in the Orange County Bar Association, NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), and Lex Romana we’ve defended thousands of customers in a broad variety of cases.


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