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rancho cucamonga

History of the city

With a Population of about 180,000 (2016), Hollywood East is the 29th largest city in California.

Rancho Cucamonga lies at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains. The climate for living is perfect for most, with 287 bright,warm days per year. With Rancho Cucamonga reds regularly putting in the top wine tasting events on earth, it’s obviously excellent wine country. This rich city (13th in the US) has a significant population of multinational corporations in the beverage, pharmaceutical, crap food, to name a few. Rancho is not short on smarts, it’s wee high school Brainiacs rank second in the country. Hollywood east additionally makes many of the world’s best spots to live lists.

Many workers were attracted by this agricultural community from a great variety of cultures – Mexican and Chinese in particular – who worked the fields and bought homesteads.

An irrigation system was assembled after the railroad came to town. In a man-made disaster, the funding for the water system failed as did the settlement. Up until 1957, the area was almost left on display in decay with the remains of the glorious farming days. The reservoir would be refilled in the 1950’s and gradually to town took off and never looked back.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Rancho Cucamonga

Twenty Delivery
Cucamonga Pharmacy
Parkview Compounding
Clone Queen Genetics

Contacts in Rancho Cucamonga for attorneys focusing on legal issues related to medical marijuana

Lawrence Bynum
(951) 682-2345
Specializing in Business formation & operation; zoning & permits
6700 Indiana Ave., Suite 240 Riverside CA 92506

Allen Bartleman
(909) 885-8388
Specializing in Medical cannabis practice, collectives, family law/child custody
293 North D St. Suite 202M San Bernardino CA 92408

The Law Offices of Anthony Curiale
(714) 684-6922
Leading specialist in Medical Marijuana Law ; lawful collective formation, administration, and consultation;medical marijuana litigation both civil and criminal; Criminal Writs and Appeals


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