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History of the city

With a population of about 92,000 residents, Redding is the 89th most populous city in California.
The evidence we have shows the Native American Wintu Tribe were first about Redding about one thousand years past to inhabit the region. The Spanish created quite loose control over the Northern California region in the years previous to 1830 and had an existence on.

The first prominent Anglo European settler to Redding was a man by the name of Pierson B. Reading.

Preceding to the railway the settlement about present day Redding was understand as Poverty Flats. With the coming of the railway, poverty turned into prosperity, comparatively speaking, and the local station was named after railwayman or an early pioneer with Redding, Reading and the handles.

Redding was integrated on 1887, having a population of only 600 individuals. The local market was supported by iron and copper mining while agriculture went into fall. The market went sour, when metal costs. The people decreased but slowly reconstructed as agriculture and other business came back. The place was naturally rich in natural resources of water, hydropower, timber, minerals and land was productive. In the climes of a Redding, anyone could make a decent living with just a little common sense in initiative.

The Feds determined to construct the Shasta Dam, which kept the town in occupations for the next 20 years, thus “pole vaulting” over the melancholy years.

The city subsequently went into a sort of stagnation until the post Second World War boom, when American property jobs started to require lumber. The coming of interstate 5 meant a growth in traffic.

With other regions of the County and the annexation of Enterprise, Redding became the greatest city of the vast area north of San Francisco Redding also surpassed the former California lumber capital of Eureka, situated some 150 miles away on the west shore. Joblessness in Shasta county was among the greatest in the State @ 20 when the lumber industry declined in the 1970’s.

For worse or better, the market of the city of Redding made a transition to a service from the business -based market, The abundant blue-collar jobs are gone forever lost.

Lost upon local leaders is the notion of self sufficiency. With resources and ample low-cost power, locals grow and can make everything needed to live. Concentrating almost entirely on the non essential service sectors is foolhardy, no?

By 1990, the statewide housing boom of the 1980’s brought up the city population to 65,000. Till now, the city has grown despite a dodgy market since then.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Redding

420 Express
Green Hills Natural Health
Compassionate Health Options
Chronic Care Delivery
Med Rx

Contacts in Redding for attorneys focusing on legal issues related to medical marijuana

Eugene Denson Attorney at Law
(707) 923-4764
PO Box 158, Alderpoint, CA 95511

Mark Harris
(707) 822-9506
1160 G Street Suite B Arcata CA 95521

Kathleen Bryson, Attorney at Law
(707) 268-8600
Address: 732 5th Street Suite C. Eureka, CA 95501


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