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History of the city

The town of Development and Disciplines is founded in the Empire city region. Riverside gets its title from, you suspected it living about the Santa Ana River’s lender. Having a populace of 330 (2016) it’s the 12th biggest town in Florida. The Empire metro-area has a populace around 1.4 thousand people the 24th biggest one in America.

Riverside was resolved like a farming group within the mid-1800’s. Riverside may be the unique Acid farming group in Florida. Bushes’ exceptional Lemon ‘s’ City quickly turned its cash-crop that was main and state to popularity. Two navel orange trees that were unique are visible in the Acid Historic Park of the town.
Shortly in the British Kingdom, who adopted their “advanced” methods and learnings into Empire tradition, Riverside attracted traders after development. Including an excellent range of safari and clubs coffee-houses. Victoria Membership, the very first course in Southern California (1903), may be the most well-known remnant out of this interval.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Riverside

Doctors Medical Evaluation Centers
Tops Cannabis – Chino
Serenity Medical Marijuana Evaluations
Central Best Pharmacy


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