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History of the city

With a population of about 130,000, Roseville ranks as the 47th largest city in California.
The city of Roseville began as a stagecoach stop that morphed into a railroad station.  In 1864, the Central Pacific Railroad’s little junction
How did Roseville get its name?  No one knows, or at least there is no consensus pick.
Some think that  the town was named after Rose Springs or maybe after a nearby ranch bearing the same name.  Others think the moniker came from a tribute to Rose Mayberry.  Another myth is that the Railwaymen could not stop talking about a pretty waitress that worked at the station and jokingly referred the no-name settlement Roseville.  Regardless, when people got together to name the town, the pretty woman’s name won the day.  And why not?  It’s a beautiful flower and sounds like a great pace. Dudley’s Ranch was a going concern in the area and the horrible name Dudleyville could have won the day, if not for the people’s “literary” taste.
Roseville was incorporated in 1909, shortly after the railroad came to town.  From 1907 to 1930 the area experienced great expansions in agriculture, food processing, and industry.  In this period, more than one hundred industrial buildings, offices, and factories were built, including the largest ice manufacturing plant on the planet. With that said, 25% of the town’s  population were continually employed by the railway, it was above all else a railway town.
With the onset of World War II, the railyards became busier than ever.  With the postwar expansion, the town continued to well.  During the 1950’s the railway continued to expand as its nemesis, the  interstate highway system was just getting rolling and would eventually supplant the fantastically efficient railway system.  This is one of the key events in the eventual deindustrialization and devolution of American business.  With the arrival of the interstate, the population of the town shifted east and old Roseville declined.
Like most North American cities, in the 1960’s and 1970’s, residential projects, retail chains and shopping malls rearranged the basic fundamentals of business and life.  As the information age set in, Roseville participated well, attracting world class IT acts such as Hewlett-Packard and NEC.  Amazingly, the 1985 population of Roseville stood at only 30,000 people as compared to the 130,000 of today.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Roseville

Greens Trees Collective
Green Cross Foundation
Cultivated Passion
Placer Wellness Collective


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