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History of the city

Sacramento is a river city, practically developed by the California Goldrush. This atmospheric region, with wooden- horse-drawn and panel sidewalks carriages on its cobblestone streets, provides the customer a feeling of regression and the energy produced from the 1000s of hopeful prospectors who streamed within the middle-nineteenth century through Sacramento. Restaurants, and old Sacramento’s museums, stores protect its historic figure. The Old Sacramento Waterfront provides a number of actions, including operating and touring on nineteenth century ships, browsing the Central Pacific railroad’s depots, and discovering the lively Public Market. In midtown Sacramento, Sutter’s Fort, the initial Euro American settlement in Sacramento, continues to be restored and maintained. The 1839 adobe fort contains artifacts of goldrush and leader days. Underneath its 120-foot-high rotunda are imposing staircases, elaborate chandeliers, and marble floors. Guests can visit the practices of Attorneygeneral, the Governor, Secretary of State, and Treasurer, and watch displays concerning the background of California’s state government. In the southside of Sacramento, the Sacramento City Cemetery, founded in 1849, offers the plots greater than 25, their own families, immigrants, 000 leaders, and descendants; among its first interments were over 600 patients of the 1850 Cholera Outbreak.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Sacramento

Florin Wellness Center
Alpine Alternative
Golden State MD, Health and Wellness
1841 El Camino


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