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  1. Is it legal to grow marijuana?
  2. How to get a medical marijuana card?
  3. Where can I find a community of medical marijuana?
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  6. How to get a marijuana license?

Marijuana in the city

Marijuana medical centers include Summit Collective, Compassionate Bay Delivery, Canna Freedom, Sweet Leaf Caregivers and Valley Health Associates.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Salinas

Summit Collective, Marina, CA 93933, (831) 296-2822
Compassionate Bay Delivery, Salinas, CA 93901, (844) 223-4911
Canna Freedom, (844) 502-2662
Sweet Leaf Caregivers(831) 325-0411
Valley Health Associates, 338 Monterey St, Salinas, CA 93901, (831) 424-6655

Documents of legacy of marijuana in Salinas

NORML is listing of Bondsmen and MMJ Attorneys that support Salinas
Kogan Esq is just an industrial cannabis lawyer, businessman and governmental supporter with a long time of knowledge advising startups from high tech to farming. Gavin is co founder of L+G’s Marijuana Training Group.


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