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History of the city

With a population of about 86,000 citizens, San Leandro ranks as the 87th largest city in California. The very first occupants are believed to become the people, whose items date back to present’s immediate forebears.
The Spanish appeared in 1772 within the San Leandro region, proclaiming the countries, like other lands within the Americas, were today the King’s “rightful” home. The primary Rancho was named Leandro, working like a cattle stop for pretty much a hundred years. In 1855, a few gringos committed to the household of the Spanish land-owner.
San Leandro turned the Region chair of Alameda region but was relocated to Oakland following a quake in 1868 ruined the court. The town includes a wealthy Colonial history, dating back to towards the 1880is, when globe-trotting workers that are wanted a much better existence; they from the Azores and also Hawaii especially, among different inviting places in The United States.
Are you aware? Whoa.
San Leandro was one of the most significant suburban towns built-in the article- War II period that had limited covenants, barring homeowners from promoting the property to minorities within the town. In 1960, consequently, the town was nearly 99% of marketing. Nevertheless, the previous structure that was great was forced. In an incident introduced Prior To The United States Supreme Court, these covenants were announced by the judge – discriminating against minorities were not enforceable from the condition.
That anti- decision exposed the doorway to Hispanic, Dark and Oriental Americans who noticed San Leandro like a great way to become. By 2010 Americans made one-third of the populace up, with low -Hispanic Whites. Whenever you consider it it’s incredible. Genetics that was domestically the went to “White”, to Portuguese, from 100 to 50PERCENT Spanish-Indigenous to some approximately equivalent mixture of “Whites” having a garnish of African American.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in San Leandro


We Are Hemp

Garden of Eden

Phytologie Oakland

The Diamond Bonsai

Contacts in San Leandro for attorneys focusing on legal issues related to medical marijuana

Matthew Kellegrew, Attorney at Law
777 Southland Dr. Suite 245 Hayward CA 94545
Lauren A. Vazquez
(855) 665-5297
Medical cannabis, criminal defense
2031 Shoreline Dr Suite 201 Alameda CA 94501

James Anthony
(510) 842-3553
3542 Fruitvale Ave Suite 224 Oakland CA 94602


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