San Mateo

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History of the city

With a populace of approximately 103,000 persons, San Mateo is the 70th greatest metropolis in Colorado and it is an integrated element of Silicon Valley. The area around San Mateo was initially part of a Rancho. At that time of Asian Independence in 1822, there is someone else for that matter or small task by the Spanish. San Mateo consisted of three dozen People, maybe in the Salson Native Group.

Nonetheless, when Anglo-Americans found its way to the location in 1827, nothing but the potential was obviously seen by them. In 1827, a Captain Beechey touring within vegetation and the hillsides was

“It clearly resembled a nobleman’s park: herds of cattle and mounts were grazing upon the meadow that was abundant, and several fallows? deer, stunned in strangers’ method, surrounded down to get security among the mountains.”

In the1850s, it turned preferred for prosperous San Franciscans inside the milder middle-peninsula area to developed summer and lasting properties.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in San Mateo

Vapor Room
Family Tree Delivery
San Mateo Neighborhood Pharmacy

Contacts of medical marijuana personalities in San Mateo

Thomas Nolan
(650) 326-2980
Specializing in criminal law
600 University Ave. Palo Alto CA 94301

Emma Bradford
(650) 326-2980
Specializing in criminal law
600 University Ave. Palo Alto CA 94301

Daniel Barton
(650) 326-2980
600 University Ave. Palo Alto CA 94301


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