Santa Ana

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History of the city

Having a populace around 340,000 (2016), Santa Ana is the second-largest town in Orange County. Ana is the 2nd biggest downtown area within the USA with nearly 20-million citizens, the main Greater La Region.

Like a Spanish, Objective Ana started out like every town in Florida -negotiation whose wingspan incorporated the majority of the Red region of today. Following Asian Independence’s battle Anna turned called the large ranch de Santa Ana. Over the place, the Americans took following the American Battle. In dimensions, the previous ranchero swelled using the appearance of the train point from La and was integrated into to Santa Ana in 1886’s Town.
Santa Ana could be the only city in Orange District to authorize and to legalize dispensaries. However, in delayed 2015 town provided authorization. Santa Ana has forbidden marijuana farming decades in November 2014 and approved a measure to regulate the dispensaries… But a reaffirmation was suggested as the measure did not absolutely address numerous -expansion issues at different types of websites.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Santa Ana

South Coast Safe Access
420 Central
The Joint Santa Ana
Tops Cannabis – Santa Ana
Hand n Hand Patient Care


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