Santa Cruz

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History of the city

In 1769, a Spanish explorer first surveyed the land around present day Santa Cruz. The view of incredible running hillsides and the stunning water impressed the creators to find Santa Cruz meaning sacred mix, the title.

The Spanish put up an objective along with a quantity of little negotiations which went not disturbed before Anglo-Americans arrived within the 1820is in bulk. At that time handle had been thought by Mexico after their battle of freedom. Shortly following the Asian – American War Santa Cruz was among the 27 unique areas that are founding. Soon afterward, all of the countries within California’s fresh state dropped into the Anglo-American handle that was.

By 1900 Cruz was a heading problem with considerable acid agriculture, signing, farming and angling progressing in the region. Due to its own natural splendor and the moderate environment, and good nearby food, Santa Cruz turned a resort group that was well known.
In 1948, (till nowadays), the Town of Santa Cruz used a brand new Town Constitution, which founded an Authority-Representative/Supervisor type of government, using the Mayor and many Authority people giving town matters. Nowadays the medical and public field characterize the economy with little in important, self-sustaining industry’s way.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Santa Cruz

KindPeoples Collective
Capitola Healing Association
Herbal Cruz
Greenway Compassionate Relief

Contacts in Santa Cruz for attorneys focusing on legal issues related to medical marijuana

Benjamin Rice
331 Soquel Ave Suite 201 Santa Cruz CA 95062


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