Santa Rosa

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History of the city

Having a populace around 200,000 Santa Rosa may be the 27th biggest town in Florida.

The Push Democrat rated Santa Rosa whilst the town that was 4th greatest for caring and dwelling within the State.

Are you aware? Rosa comes with 400 wildlife preserve built-in a Park’s nature. “Chrome West” monsters contain water buffalo, Giraffe and a whole lot more harmful and unique creatures!

Rosa has stunning valleys and tough hillsides. The town is endowed having a developing agricultural heart offering some wineries that are magnificent.

Within the early to mid-1800’s the region was house to ranches with hay and livestock. From the shops of the 1850 seemed along with there shaped a correct city. Where town standing was acknowledged in 1867 the township increased to the stage. Santa Rosa was the biggest town in Florida. Later, however, better geographically located towns (San Fran, LA) out played Santa Rosa in transport, the important thing to company development within this period.

After War II, the population of the town exploded. Many careers around rotate round the public, healthcare and IT industries nowadays.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Santa Rosa

Sonoma Medicinal Herbs
Alternatives a Health Collective
Peace In Medicine
Redwood Herbal Alliance

Contacts in Sant Rosa for attorneys focusing on legal issues related to medical marijuana

Law Offices of Orchid Vaghti
(707) 595-0912

Law Offices of L Stephen Turer
(707) 546-1551


610 Davis St. Santa Rosa CA 95401

Greg Anton Attorney at Law
Areas of Specialization include medical marijuana, personal injury, consumer law, criminal defense and entertainment law.
(707) 568-6653
610 Davis Street Santa Rosa, CA 95401


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