How to Treat Migraine with Marijuana

People that suffer from migraine headaches often find themselves in a position where it is practically impossible for them to live a normal life on a daily basis.

They often struggle with daily tasks and find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with the demands of a regular schedule.

This is because migraine headaches have a tendency to totally incapacitate a person that is suffering from them. While they may not present in exactly the same fashion for every individual, they often have the same effect and that is to ensure that the person in question is unable to function normally.

To further exacerbate the problem, many traditional treatments simply don’t work. Therefore, there is a growing contingent of individuals that are more interested in learning how to treat migraine headaches with medical marijuana.

Symptoms of Migraine Headaches

What are the signs of migraine headaches? The truth is, different people experience the signs and symptoms of migraine headache differently.

While there are certain symptoms that might be thought of as a separate group of problems, the symptoms of severe migraine attack often come on rather suddenly.

As a result, many people experience signs and symptoms of migraine pain in a way that is completely unique to their own body. For example, some people may become sensitive to light, rendering them unable to focus on anything or in some cases, even to open their eyes. Others are more sensitive to sound.

Even the most minor sounds suddenly seem as though they are so loud they are almost unbearable. Some people see things that are not really there, almost like a hallucination but more frequently thought of as a mirage that exists as the direct result of not being able to focus clearly on anything.

Most people that suffer from migraine attack symptoms experience extreme pain, nausea and in some cases, even dizziness. They might find any type of motion unbearable, often to the point of making them vomit at even the slightest movement.

While some people might experience one or more symptoms, others experience all of these symptoms at one time. Obviously, no individual is capable of dealing with something like this and maintaining a regular work schedule or virtually anything else.

Instead, they are typically rendered completely unable to do anything except to lie down in a dark, quiet room and wait for the pain to pass. This can be an excruciating time for these individuals and in many cases, it lasts for several hours at a time.

How a Migraine Differs From a Typical Headache

What are the signs of a migraine? As you can see from the previous paragraph, there are a lot of differences between a migraine headache and what might be considered a more typical headache.

The truth of the matter is that when a person has what is commonly referred to as a typical headache, they can take a couple of ibuprofen or acetaminophen and continue on throughout their day without any appreciable issues.

They might not be comfortable but they are capable of completing the tasks that are laid out before them for that particular day. A migraine is an entirely different story. It prevents a person from doing anything, no matter how simple the task at hand might be.

Anyone that has never suffered a migraine typically has problems understanding how a person can be incapacitated by a headache but for those who suffer from them, it is one of the worst experiences that they will probably ever have to endure.

This is why it is so important to learn about migraine headache symptoms and treatment. Without effective treatment, a person might find themselves incapacitated more often than not, thereby adversely impacting their lives and the lives of those who are close to them.

Learning When Migraine is Coming

Most people that have suffered a number of migraines in their lives can usually learn when one is about to hit.

It is something that is exceptionally difficult to explain to other people, but for migraine sufferers, they know it is coming because it simply feels different than a typical headache.

Most people that suffer from migraines want to control the pain and the other symptoms as quickly as possible, as this is a key factor in stopping the problem before it turns into something that is no longer manageable.

The longer a person has to wait for treatment when a migraine strikes, the worse the pain and all of the accompanying symptoms are likely to be and the longer it will take to remedy the situation.

For some others, prevention is the key because there is virtually no amount of effective treatment available that will stop the cascade of symptoms once they start

Traditional Treatments of Migraine

Traditionally, people have been prescribed certain medications that focus on stopping the pain and allowing the other symptoms to subside on their own.

Remember, people experience migraine pain differently so this only works for certain individuals.

For others, this is an ineffective strategy that does little or nothing when it comes to dealing with migraines. More recently, a lot of treatments have focused on using biologic medications in an attempt to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

While these medications sometimes work, they aren’t always effective, either. In addition, most biologic medications contain a whole host of potentially dangerous and even deadly side effects that most people would prefer not to be forced to deal with.

This leaves those individuals who suffer from migraines of the worst kind to deal with the problem to the best of their ability, often without finding any effective treatment whatsoever.

The Use of Medical Marijuana for Migraines

Some people might find it surprising that the use of medical marijuana has come into question a number of times as an effective treatment for migraine sufferers.

As is typically the case, there are those individuals that want to dismiss this as a possible treatment before they see any type of data regarding its effectiveness whatsoever.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of stigma that is attached to the use of marijuana for medical treatment.

Despite the fact that marijuana is far less dangerous and addictive than many other medications that are currently prescribed, a lot of people still see it as a recreational drug and don’t appreciate the fact that it is capable of helping control some very common medical conditions more effectively than the treatments that are already out there.

For example, marijuana not only reduces the symptoms of migraine pain, but it also reduces the frequency with which these attacks occur.

For a person that experiences frequent migraines, this can be a real lifesaver and in some extreme cases, it just might be the only thing that allows them to have any type of potential for a relatively normal life.

Tests have proven that its use does indeed reduce the frequency of migraine headaches, not to mention its ability to help control symptoms when a migraine does strike. More information about some of the tests that have been done regarding its use can be found by visiting

How Marijuana Helps Migraine

Essentially, migraines are brought on in one of two ways. In some cases, it is due to oversensitivity of nerves in the cranial area and at other times, it is the direct result of the construction of blood vessels.

Medical marijuana is capable of solving both of these problems, as it dilates blood vessels and calms overactive nerves. Therefore, those individuals who are suffering a migraine as the result of either of these problems can be helped by its use.

This is why it commonly reduces the occurrence of migraines if smoked regularly, but it is also capable of effectively treating the symptoms once they have already started.

Reclaiming Your Life

Any person that has ever suffered from migraine pain knows how difficult it is to deal with this type of problem without it having an adverse impact on one’s professional and personal life.

Often, people that suffer from frequent migraines miss a great deal of work and are unable to meet family and personal obligations on a routine basis.

This can often have long-lasting repercussions in other areas of their lives, as people that are frequently too sick to keep up with things are often seen as unreliable and undependable.

For any person that is suffering from something that causes pain that is so severe that they literally cannot move, finding effective treatment becomes something of an obsession.

That is why it is so important to explore the possibility of using medical marijuana to help these individuals, as it provides an effective treatment and it carries far fewer chances for complications than many of the treatments that are approved today.

As a result, people that are currently not being helped by their current treatment regimen can potentially find solace by using medical marijuana.

In fact, they might be able to find more help for their condition than they have ever been able to find in the past with this one simple treatment.


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