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History of the city

With a population of almost 120,000 individuals.Ventura ranks as the 56th largest city in California.  Some of the earliest human remains dating back about 12,000 years were found in the region. In 1782, a Mission was created by the Spanish not. The assignment grew into a town.

After the Mexican-American war of 1846, many the Californian land fell into American hands. Ten years after, the town had grown to the stage where it was integrated in 1866. The mostly agricultural community got a boost in the 1920’s with the discovery of oil. With the age of private freedom and the auto, the town experienced a wave of increase.

Among the great historic monuments in Ventura is the brilliant hacienda of the Mexican Governor Juan Bautista.

American settlers arrived with cash in the region, squat on unoccupied properties, which became homesteads in time or just purchasing property from the Mexicans.

In ten years absolute public grow by about a thousand individuals per year. and later continued ramped up to almost 12,000 The population was almost 60,000 Because of the on-going urban destruction of agricultural properties, higher density developments have supported inside the town to maintain the rich grounds that feed earth, nature’s gifts.

The market has little in the way of essential industry needed to live now. Nearly all local occupations are in the health care and private sectors.

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Ventura

Sespe Creek Collective
Cannamed of Ventura
Top Shelf Ventura
Rite Aid
CVS Pharmacy

Documents of legacy of marijuana in Ventura

California NORML’s list of Bondsmen and MMJ Attorneys that service Ventura
The Law Offices of James B. Devine, legal services in Company Law, Construction Law, Entity Creation, and Estate Planning and additionally Cannabis problems. Customers are not large – to medium-sized companies.
Local MMJ attorney
Reefer madness exists in Ventura County Group Works in Ventura County to Legalize Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. Medical cannabis dispensaries are not legal in Ventura County, but a group advocating for medical cannabis users is attempting to alter that.


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