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History of the city

Westminster ranks as th 82nd most populous city in California. with a population of about 92,000 individuals.
By 1874, the colony had 52 farms, 62 families, and 225 inhabitants. It was an unbelievable 5 years. By 1900, there had not been enough low-cost local labor accessible Chinese, Mexicans and Japanese were brought in.

The 1930’s were a complete catastrophe. Both nature and man dealt serious blows. There was a flood, a damaging earthquake, the depression, prohibition, and drought. Prohibition might seem to god fearing people like a very good idea, but according to the Bible, God gave man free will, to select. Prohibition means no selection.

Same thing for non-psychedelic Hemp – it was prohibited to remove rivalry for cotton and petroleum products. Fiber and hemp oil were choice commodities of the preceding century. Who were the chief conspirators? Large Petroleum and pals.

A substantial quantity of Vietnamese refugees came to the town, creating a sector of the city today called Little Saigon. Actually, in residency, Saigon Vietnamese with about 36,000 town isn’t so small!

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Westminster

Green Tree Medicinals
The Giving Tree of Denver
Colorado Cannabis Tours
Denver Recreational

Contacts in Westminster for attorneys focusing on legal issues related to medical marijuana

Damian Nassiri: Cannabis Law Group
(714) 937-2050
Collective Incorporation, Management and Legal Compliance Consulting, Labor Law
333 City Blvd. West, 17th Floor Orange CA 92868

Christopher Glew
(714) 231-4435
Specializing in Criminal & collective defense
1851 E. 1st St. Suite 840 Santa Ana CA 92705

Vincent J. La Barbera Jr.
(714) 541-9668
4100 Newport Place Dr. Suite 620, Newport Beach 92660


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