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History of the city

The Quakers founded a colony that was righteous and also bought a sizeable hunk of the former Spanish Rancho. A host of other immigrants and these great people would put an extensive variety of crops, including; walnuts, citrus and exotic pampas grass.Are you aware? Whittier was the number one manufacturer of Walnuts in California and the State was the top company on the planet.

An interesting fact! In 1904, the Pacific Electric started the trolley line called “Big Red Cars” from La to Whittier. A year rode to and from La on the Whittier line.

This affordable and exceptionally efficient electrical transit system was wiped out by the large automotive oil association, the same one that mitigated the prohibition of cannabis and alcohol.

The net result of these deviant big business actions shaped the success and failures of trade and technology as found in America now. LA became a commuter town and it was unnecessary. The first leaders had it and had mass transit figured out at the get go. The huge gridlocks were an innovation of big oil and big vehicle and were totally unneeded.

These kinds of monopolies both helped to create – and finally destroy the American vision – in the same manner all communist or fascist dictatorship authorities have obliterated their own states. Corporate syndicates, Hitler, Stalin, they just wipe the competition in stealth, rather off the face of our planet, but they’re going to resort to any means necessary.

Good old Whittier doesn’t have much in the way of its own business now, nor does it generate much in the way of requirements. The local market relies entirely on the health and public sector which means when the authorities pay the invoices cannot, the individuals eat or maybe, is not going to work.
The 1930’s were a complete catastrophe. Both nature and man dealt severe blows. There was a flood, a damaging earthquake, the depression, prohibition, and drought. Prohibition means no selection.

Same thing for non-psychedelic Hemp – it was prohibited to remove rivalry for cotton and petroleum products. Fiber and hemp oil were picked commodities of the preceding century. Who were the chief conspirators? Large Petroleum and pals.

A substantial volume of Vietnamese refugees came to the town, creating a sector of the city today called Little Saigon. Actually, in residency, Saigon Vietnamese with about 36,000 towns isn’t so small!

List of medical marijuana dispensaries in Whittier

Tops Cannabis – Whittier

Contacts in Whittier for attorneys focusing on legal issues related to medical marijuana

The Law Offices of Anthony Curiale

Leading specialist in Medical Marijuana Law; lawful collective formation, administration, and consultation; medical marijuana litigation both civil and criminal; Criminal Writs and Appeals
(714) 684-6922
265 S. Randolph Ave., Suite 105 Brea, California 92821

The Law Offices of Michele Brooke, Esq.
Cannabusiness Law, Regulatory Compliance

(626) 375-6702
225 S. Lake Ave. Suite 300 Pasadena CA 91101

(866) 545-9353
Open 24/7 Serving Los Angeles Area
Los Angeles, California


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